Child and Career Development Center

Child and Career Development Center

Emotional Support

Emotional support classrooms provide academic and emotional support for students identified as emotionally disturbed who manifest behaviors that result in behavioral and academic deficits. Students will receive instructional and emotional support based on their individual needs.

Program Features:

• Curriculum following general education courses
Staff development training
Consultation with community agencies
Parent involvement
Positive Behavior Support
Transitional/vocational program at the secondary level
Group interaction training
Problem solving and impulse control intervention
Appropriate vocational instruction

Instruction is provided in the following areas:

Interpersonal skills
Academic development
Self-regulation skills
Prosocial skills
Positive school behaviors

The primary goal of this program is to increase basic academic, social and behavioral skills necessary to function in a mainstream setting and in the community.

Health and support services provided in the basic program include:

Behavioral management techniques
Vocational assessment
Psychological assessment and counseling
Interagency coordination
Psychiatric assessment and consultation
Mental health specialist support

Related services not provided in the basic program cost but available at an additional charge to districts include:

Speech and language therapy
Occupational therapy
Physical therapy

For more information, please contact Susan Mateka
, Ed.D., at 610-383-7400.
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