Fitness Challenge Registration

  • During this uncertain time, we have all been working very hard to adjust to new routines, environments and responsibilities. While our current stresses and concerns make it easy to forget about ourselves, it remains important that in addition to regularly washing our hands and practicing social distancing we remain active, eat healthy and exercise mindfulness.

    With all of this in mind, we would still like to move forward with the annual CCIU Fitness & Wellness Challenge! Registration begins today, Monday, March 30. The Challenge will run from April 6, 2020, through May 10, 2020, and is designed to encourage overall wellness, even while we remain at home. 

    Please remember that while we are encouraging overall wellness and activity, your health and safety, and that of others, must come first in order to limit the spread of COVID-19. We remain under the government mandate to stay home and avoid gatherings, and non-life sustaining business, like gyms, are closed. For some ideas about how to work out and stay active at home, check out the following article:

    We will utilize the DailyEndorphin tracking system that was used for last year’s Fitness & Wellness Challenge. Please click on the following link to begin the registration process:

    Past Challenge participants should select the “Login” option to sign in to their previously created accounts. There is a “Forgot Your Password?” option in case you have forgotten the password you selected for the last challenge.

    New participants will need to “Create an Account” before selecting the option to join the 2020 CCIU Fitness Challenge.

    After you log in or create a new account, find your location and choose to join a team. 

    Below are some general Fitness & Wellness Challenge rules to keep in mind:

    • Open to CCIU, CCRES and Austill’s employees.
    • Team sizes should consist of 4-8 individuals. No team should consist of less than 4 individuals.
    • You may join any team.
    • Eligibility for prizes is determined by individual platinum, gold, silver standings.

    For all of your hard work and commitment, you are eligible to win the following prizes:

    • Fitness Challenge Day – Paid Day Off
    • $50 Giant Gift Certificate
    • Wawa Gift Basket
    • Funshine Committee Gift Basket
    • CCIU Education Support Professionals Association Gift Basket

    The last day to register is April 5, 2020, so get started early and register TODAY!