• Practical Assessment Exploration System (PAES)
    11th grade to age 21

    Students at the Child and Career Development Center are participating in the Practical Assessment Exploration System (PAES) curriculum for 12.5 hours per week. The CCDC is the only school in Chester County employing this program as a curriculum.

    PAES is a comprehensive curriculum that provides exploration, training, and assessment through hands-on experience, in a simulated work environment, while learning important career/vocational and life skills. Skills are taught in a systematic format that helps students become more independent. PAES determines students’ interest in specific work areas, competitiveness with peers, and assesses present barriers to future success, and then helps change them to positive work behaviors. The PAES curriculum works in five career areas: Business/Marketing, Construction/Industrial, Consumer/Service, Processing/Production, and Computer/Technology. Participation in over 250 activities provides data that is used for school-to-work transition plans.