Campus Expansion


  • The Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU) is excited to announce a series of transformative initiatives aimed at enhancing educational services for children throughout Chester County and beyond. These projects signify a commitment to fostering innovative learning environments and expanding opportunities for students in the region. 

Learn More About Our Current Expansion Projects

  • Child & Career Development Center (CCDC) Great Valley Campus

  • Engle Education Center

  • CTCE & Diesel Mechanic Program

  • Future Capital Projects


Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Learning Environment: The expansions and renovations aim to create an environment that fosters growth, creativity, and success for all learners. This includes innovative learning spaces and state-of-the-art facilities.

    Increased Access and Opportunities: The initiatives signify a commitment to improving access and opportunities for students, as well as addressing the increasing demand for services in Chester County and beyond.

    Comprehensive Support for Special Needs: The construction of a new CCDC Great Valley campus and renovations to Fred S. Engle Middle School prioritize providing comprehensive support for students with special needs. This includes cutting-edge design, safety features, and specialized programming.

    Expanded Educational Programs: The construction projects, such as the Chestnut Street facility, will expand Career, Technical & Customized Education programs and introduce new programs like the diesel mechanic program, catering to diverse student needs.

    Cost-Effective Solutions: By bringing more students back in-house through enhanced facilities, the CCIU aims to reduce outside placements and the associated costs, while providing comprehensive support within the community.

    Community Engagement and Collaboration: The projects encourage staff, families, and the community to contribute to the conversation and actively engage in shaping the future of education in Chester County.

    Overall, the construction projects represent a commitment to excellence, inclusivity, and collaboration, with the ultimate goal of providing the best possible learning environment for all learners within the CCIU community.