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  • Rely on the CCIU to bridge the language gap.

    Clear communication is the key to success in education. You work with education-specific terminology, sensitive individualized meetings, instructional plans and an ever-evolving body of students and teachers. Your focus needs to remain on what you know works. Let our focus be on facilitating communication.
    The CCIU provides comprehensive, year-round education-based interpretation and translation services for schools.
    The program includes:
    • Fully trained and experienced interpreters accountable under the Pennsylvania Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for Interpreters
    • Local understanding of unique cultural influences
    • Fast response time to align with changing schedules
    • Individualized attention to help your school meet federal standards
    • Competitive hourly rates to meet your budgetary needs

    Partnering to bring you more

    To meet the ever-growing language needs in Chester County, the CCIU has partnered with TransPerfect to provide telephonic interpretation and document translation services in over 170 languages. Because of this partnership, your district will receive highly discounted pricing!

    • Face-to-face Interpretation Services: On-site CCIU interpreters provide real-time interpretation for school or community meetings and events.
    • Languages offered: Arabic, French, Hindi, Mandarin, Portuguese and Spanish; additional languages may be available upon request.
    • Telephone Interpretation Services: TransPerfect provides secure, real-time interpretation services via phone or in the instance of ASL, via web-accessed video.
    • Languages offered: Over 170 languages available, including ASL. Click to view the list of available languages.
    • Document Translation: Through TransPerfect, schools or community-based services can have existing documentation translated into any desired language. Translation can be done within a simple Word document or can be completed and reflowed into an existing designed layout such as a brochure.

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  • Here are just a few ways that the CCIU's Interpretation and Translation Services can assist your staff:

    • Evaluations
    • IEP and Section 504 meetings
    • Parent/teacher conferences
    • Disciplinary meetings
    • School registrations
    • Course scheduling
    • Guidance support
    • ELL PSSA & Keystone exam accommodations
    • Open houses

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