• Hospital Pathway-Allied Health

    This hospital-based program is for students interested in providing inpatient and outpatient care to the community. Students will spend time in each clinical rotation with professionals, observing direct patient care and diagnostic testing. Students will learn medical terminology and medical abbreviations; ethical, professional behavior and anatomy and physiology of the human body. Students may have the opportunity to complete a three-to-six week internship in a particular area of interest at the end of the year.
    Sample Career Skills
    • Gain hands-on experience through rotations across a wide variety of hospital departments, which may include: the ER, maternity ward, surgery, cardiology, hospice and lab departments
    • Learn about infection control and isolation precautions, such as: gowning, gloving and masking
    • Learn proper body mechanics for patient transfer techniques
    • Measure and record vital signs, such as taking temperatures, pulse, respiration and blood pressure
    • Perform CPR
    • Learn the medical terminology and communication skills necessary to assist physicians and hospital staff while on rotation
    • Practice academic and writing skills, such as: clinical reflections, research paper and APA style, which gives students a competitive advantage in post-secondary pursuits

















    The sports medicine track is for those students who are interested in pursuing a career in the physical medicine and rehabilitation field. Students may complete clinical rotations in high school athletic training rooms and community rehabilitation facilities.

    Placement Locations

    • Unionville High School (Unionville)

    Career Options

    Career opportunities can include: athletic trainer, physical therapist, nutritionist/dietician, exercise physiologist and physical therapist assistant.