Chester County Technical College High School

                      Pennock's Bridge Campus        

                          Menu of Services      


    Shampoo & Set                                              

    Shampoo & Blow Dry                                   

    Shampoo, Press & Curl                                 

    Shampoo, Cut & Style                                   

    Scalp Treatment                                             

    Color Rinses                                                  

    Semi-Permanent Haircolor                           

    Permanent Haircolor                                      

    Foil Highlights                                               

    Cap Highlights                                               


    Deep Conditioner                                          

    Facial Massage (plain)                                   

    Facial Pack                                                     

    Facial w/make up                                           

    Eyebrow Arching / Waxing                           

    Facial Hair waxing                                         

    Manicure (basic polish)                                

    Manicure w/ nail art                                      

    French manicure                                            

    Pedicure (basic polish)                                   

    Tip w/overlay                                            

    Haircuts (ONLY)



    Chemical Straightening (Relaxer)                  

    Permanent Wave                                             

    Curly Perms                                                    


                             ALL WORK DONE BY STUDENTS


    To schedule an appointment, students should pick up an appointment form in Cosmetology.  Students are required to have both shop and academic teachers signature for permission to miss class.  CHEMICALS services require a parent signature.


    NOTE: A school that instructs students who wish to become Beauticians, and that the operator(s) who will perform the work upon me are students and not fully trained, licensed, Professionals.  Because of their inexperience there is a risk of injury or damage that may be sustained from negligence or carelessness of such student(s) in performing the work upon me.


    Nevertheless, in consideration of a reduced charge that I will pay for such services I agree to assume the risk of any injury or damage that I might suffer because of negligence or carelessness and I agree to give up my right to sue the student, the school, the instructors and any school personnel for such injury or damage.


    **CLINIC OPEN: Wednesday & Thursday from 8:00 a.m. -  10:00 a.m.     

        and 12:00 p.m. -  2:15 p.m.


    Please contact Mrs. Butcher-Jones for an appointment at 610-345-1800 extension 2037, or 2038.