• Engine Technology

    PA Department of Labor High Priority Occupation!
    Students who enjoy working on outdoor power equipment, four-wheelers and motorcycles can turn their interest into a career with the Engine Technology program. Through hands-on and theory learning, students will gain the skills to troubleshoot and repair outdoor power equipment and small engines, such as: four-wheelers, motorcycles, snowmobiles, tractors, marine equipment and more.
    Sample Career Skills
    • Identify and record engine serial numbers and other small engine parts
    • Perform maintenance operations on small engines, including: oil changes, replacing air filters and spark plugs
    • Troubleshoot general engine issues and distinguish fuel system from ignition misfires
    • Read and interpret wiring diagrams
    • Demonstrate engine rebuilding skills through work on actual, team-lead projects
    • Gain hands-on experience through a co-op, internship or job placement with a real-world employer
  • Certifications 

    Diesel Engine Certificate
    Electrical System Certificate
    Equipment and Engine Training Council (EETC) Certificate
    Four Stroke Engine Certificate
    Hydraulic System Certificate
    Pennsylvania Skills Certificate
    S/P2 Automotive Safety Certificate
    S/P2 Safety & Pollution Prevention Certificate
    Two Stroke Engine Certificate

    College Credits

    Open Dual Enrollment Credits
    Delaware County Community College
    1:1 Articulation Credits
    St. Francis University

    Workplace Opportunities

    Upperclassmen may be hired at local companies such as Conway Power Equipment, Berwyn Lawnmower, Main Line Mower, Inc., Stoltzfus Farm Services, Inc., C&S Repair Center, Johnson's Small Engine, Longwood Gardens, Atlantic Tractor and Taylor Rental. Co-ops allow students to work during their school day, earn real-world experience and build their resumes.
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