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    Calling all Alumni:

    We want to tell your story to current and prospective students! Please take a moment to fill out the survey below and let us know what you are doing now and how a career and technical education helped you get where you are today. Successful grads are our publicity!

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     “The environment of a career and technical education program allows a student to take an in-depth exploration into career options that support their own passions and interests. Given the large amount of time a student spends in their instructional program, they gain a significant advantage in entering the workplace. The jump start that career and technical education has given me has lasted throughout my career; and has proven to rank my compensation and ability to obtain employment far above the industry averages. I believe making a choice to obtain career and technical education early in your career path is the single most powerful tool you can obtain. Currently I am the Director of Security Services for an international consulting and engineering firm. In this position I lead a team of security specialists in consulting and engineering security for government and corporate customers around the world. My office is located in Times Square, New York City. Thank you CAT Brandywine for your guidance in launching a successful career.”

    Paul B., CAT Brandywine Security & Police Sciences year 1988, currently employed by Syska Hennessy Group

    "CAT Brandywine opened my eyes to the numerous professions, I could pursue in medicine. Without being able to spend my senior year of high school following doctors, nurses, and other interdisciplinary health care team members at the Chester County Hospital, I would not have been able to develop my career path of obtaining my Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Duquesne University. I will not only obtain my Doctorate this upcoming summer, but I have also even been asked to assist in teaching a college level class in Biology at Duquesne University teaching the same knowledge I obtained during Allied Health."
    Mary M., CAT Brandywine Allied Health year 2006, currently employed by Duquesne University

    “CAT Pickering has done nothing but help further me in my career. By graduating from CAT Pickering in the Early Childhood Care & Education program I was awarded several scholarships and an articulation agreement from CAT Pickering to Montgomery County Community College with nine college credits for passing the NOCTI Exam. CAT Pickering has definitely helped direct me on the right path in life.”
    Bryana G., CAT Pickering Early Childhood Care & Education year 2010


    “CAT Pickering really has helped me out with my career. It helped me get a job and get me ready for school. They mentally prepared me for school and told me how it was going to be. They also helped me learn a lot about main things in my job field like how to have a strong resume. My resume is so strong; I get job offers all the time… I was prepared so well that I already started my business plan for my own restaurant. I have experienced so many different types of restaurants the past 6 years and it is amazing… I can honestly say that CAT Pickering taught me how to always keep pushing and never give up and I never have yet and that’s why it is the best school. This school had made me so successful.”
    Charles M., CAT Pickering Culinary Arts year 2009, currently employed by Columbia Bar and Grille


    “I'm happy to say I've been employed by IBM/Lenovo for 25 years and have had a very successful career in sales! NCCTS prepared me for my career by offering training in organizational skills, time management, presentation skills, office equipment, and professionalism.”
    Mary Lou M., NCCTS Advanced Office Practice year 1977, currently employed by Lenovo


    I have a full time job as an electrician right out of high school. I love it! Thank you CAT Pickering!”
    Eric H., CAT Pickering Electrical Occupations year 2009, currently employed by Signal Service


    “I really thought I was just in school for social purposes - turned out I enjoyed and excelled at what I learned. I am now a freelance graphic artist, working from home for over 5 years now.”
    Kierstin Z., CAT Pickering Graphics Communications and Printing year 1992, currently self-employed


    “NCCTS was able to provide a high quality vocational education, while at the same time making it a fun high school experience. The education I received in Automotive Technology prepared me for the start of my career as a auto technician/store manager.”
    Scott S., NCCTS Automotive Service Technology year 1991, currently employed by H&F Tire Service 


    “I learned everything I know about childcare from CAT Pickering, skills and knowledge that I still use today.”
    Julia W., CAT Pickering Early Childhood Care & Education year 2001


    “It comes down to this: The culinary program at CAT Pickering helped me develop a passion for cooking. Now I'm attending the Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College”
    Jason H., CAT Pickering Culinary Arts year 2003, currently employed by Winner’s Circle Sports Bar and Riverstone Café 


    “CAT Pickering helped me prepare for my career in the graphic communications field by giving me the right tools necessary for a job in the field/college. The teachers definitely help make the learning experience.”
    Abby C., CAT Pickering Graphic Communications & Printing year 2009


    “Being at CAT Pickering prepared me so much that I was so ahead of everything I needed in my career.
    Amanda R., CAT Pickering Early Childhood Care & Education year 2007, currently employed by Magic Memories 


    “The teachers at CAT Pickering gave me the tools to be the best employee I could be.”
    Robert G., CAT Pickering Automotive Service Technology year 1991, currently employed by ANRO Inc.


    “It [CAT Pickering] gave me the knowledge I needed to get ahead in trade school… I had a jump start on my trade education after high school. I learned quite a bit in auto shop and had a great time doing it.”
    Joseph M., CAT Pickering Automotive Service Technology


    “The program was the best thing for me and I was very prepared for my line of work when I left the school and I would recommend the program to anyone who wants to go into the field.”
    Stacey T., CAT Pickering Health Occupations year 1996


    “It [CAT Pickering] helped decide what I want to do in life. Right now I'm going to school at Delaware County Community College majoring in Graphic Design.”
    Rachelle F., CAT Pickering Graphic Communications & Printing year 2002


    “It [CAT Pickering] helped me to get ahead of everyone else. One project that we had to do was something that I would have had to do to keep my job.”
    Christina H., CAT Pickering Early Childhood Care & Education year 2008, currently employed by KinderCare Learning Center




    "If it were not for CAT-Pickering I would not be where I am today...One thing I can say about CAT that doesn't happen often in most schools is the encouragement from teachers and staff. Each teacher and staff member are personable, down to earth, and will help any way possible. I couldn't thank the teaching staff enough for the encouragement and "never give up" attitude! Six years later I still feel like they care!"

    Michelle K., CAT Pickering Electrical Occupations year 2004, currently employed by Martin's Corner Fire Company 




    "Having a solid base of real life experience, encouraged by the teachers that surrounded me during my time at CAT-Pickering, has helped me to achieve several goals, such as going to college and finishing a Master's degree program, but also keeps me motivated to continue working towards my outstanding goals, such as earning my CPA (Certified Public Accountant) License. CAT-Pickering will continue to be the rock from which I launched my working, career life, and motivate me to maintain my success."

    Susanne L., CAT Pickering year 1993, currently self-employed

    "NCCTS provided me with a top notch education by being able to focus my efforts on gaining knowledge that provide me an edge with I entered the workforce. The technical education I received there was outstanding. Over the past 20 years I have been fortunate to enjoy a rewarding career in the IT field holding many different positions over the years from Technical Engineer to Sr Level IT Management positions."

    Don B., NCCTS Computer Information Systems year 1989, currently employed by Iron Mountain, Inc.