• Home & Community Services

    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Chester County Intermediate Unit’s Home and Community Services (H&CS) program is to provide effective behavioral and rehabilitative services to children, adolescents, adults and their families. H&CS believes that families are the first and best resource for identifying their strengths, challenges and the social and behavioral goals they wish to achieve. Our aim is to be recognized as the premier provider of behavioral health, rehabilitative and adult services.

    An Overview

    H&CS assists clients in increasing socially appropriate behaviors that will maximize their potential, facilitate independence and self-advocacy, and promote healthy functional relationships. We utilize evidence-based behavioral management practices, specialized instruction design and the natural support systems available in the home, school and community.

    H&CS provides services to clients via behavioral health rehabilitative services (BHRS), specialized instruction and home and community services through ODP. Many of our consultants and staff have degrees or certifications in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), Special Education, Counseling Psychology and related fields. Staff are highly motivated and dedicated professionals with extensive experience in autism and other developmental and physical disabilities.


    The Home and Community Services program provides services in several counties:

    1. Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, Lancaster, Lebanon, and Bucks County

    Services Provided Include:

    1. Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services
      1. Behavioral Specialist Consultants
      2. Mobile Therapy
      3. Therapeutic Staff Support
    2. Adult Autism Waiver Services
      1. Supports Coordination
    3. ODP Waivers
      1. Home and Community Services – Please call any office for an update of available services

    For Parents

    H&CS can provide supports to children, adults, and families who reside in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lancaster, Lebanon, and Montgomery Counties.  H&CS offers many services to meet the client’s individual needs, including: behavior modification, functional behavioral assessments, social skills training, emotional support systems, parent training, and specific applied behavior analysis modalities.

    The links below are resources that may be helpful to parents:

    Parent BHRS Contract


    Premise Alert for Police and Individuals with Disabilities

    Applying for Medical Assistance

    • What is Medical Assistance (MA)?

    Medical Assistance (also known as Medicaid) is a public insurance system with eligibility based on income and other criteria, including health status. It is jointly funded by the federal and state

    governments and administered by state governments. It is not “welfare” and does not provide its beneficiaries with cash assistance.

    • Can my child have medical assistance and another insurance?

    Yes.  For example, a person can qualify for Medical Assistance even if they are covered under

    commercial insurance (e.g. Blue Cross, Aetna). The commercial insurance is primary and MA is

    secondary.  In addition, a person can have Medicare and also qualify for Medical Assistance if they

    meet the income requirements. In this situation, Medicare is primary insurance and Medical

    Assistance is secondary insurance. This frequently occurs with children with disabilities.

    • How do I apply?

    You can complete the attached application or you can also apply online at:


    The following documents need to be included with the Medical Assistance application:

    • Copy of Driver’s License, picture ID, parent’s birth certificate, or parent’s social security card.
    • Documents indicating household income (federal tax return, employment, alimony, etc.)
    • Copy - Child/consumer's Birth Certificate.
    • Copy - Child/consumer's Social Security card
    • A current bill with your name and address on it - verification of residence, if this information is not on your driver’s license
    • Copy (front and back) of primary insurance card
    • Copy of documentation from a Medical Doctor indicating an ICD-9 diagnosis and/or a copy of Child/consumer's completed Evaluation Report and IEP from CCIU/School District

    **We recommend you make a copy of completed application for your reference**

    If you completed the paper application, take it and copies of all the supporting documents listed

    above to the County Assistance Office in your county of residence:


    Chester County

    County Assistance Office

    100 James Buchanan Drive

    Thorndale, PA 19342-1121

    Toll Free: 1-888-814-4698

    Local Phone 610-466-1000

    Delaware County

    County Assistance Office - Chester

    701 Crosby Street, Suite A

    Chester, PA 19013-6099

    Phone: 610-447-5500

    County Assistance Office - Darby

    845 Main Street

    Darby, PA 19023

    Phone: 610-461-3800

    Lancaster County

    County Assistance Office

    832 Manor Street

    P.O. Box 4967

    Lancaster, PA 17604-4967

    Phone: 717-299-7411

    Lebanon County

    County Assistance Office

    625 South Eighth Street

    Lebanon, PA 17042-0870

    Toll Free: 1-800-229-3926

    Phone: 717-270-3600

    Montgomery County

    County Assistance Office - Norristown

    1931 New Hope Street

    Norristown, PA 19401-3191

    Toll Free: 1-877-398-5571

    Phone: 610-270-3500

    County Assistance Office – Pottstown

    24 Robinson Street

    Pottstown, PA 19464-5584

    Toll Free: 1-800-641-3940

    Phone: 610-327-4280

    Bucks County

    County Assistance Office

    1214 Veterans Highway

    Bristol, PA 19007-2593

    Phone: 215-781-3300

    Toll Free: 1-800-362-1291

    **It is advised that you request a receipt of delivery from the receiving staff at the County Office.  The

    application date (Page 10 of MA Form) should also be the date that you are physically dropping off the

    application. The approval process for Medical Assistance only takes 30 days and that time line starts based on the date you enter on page 10 of the MA application. Please follow up with the County Office periodically to ensure that they have all the necessary documents.


    Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services (BHRS) A.K.A. Wraparound Services – Behavioral/Mental Health services for children age 0 to 21.

    There are five steps to obtaining Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services, which vary by county. Please review the information for your respective county of residence below to learn how to obtain services.

    1. Obtain Medical Assistance for your child – see previous directions
      1. If your child has an Autism diagnoses then your child's services may fall under Act 62, which requires your private insurer to be the payer of first resort.
        1. Please feel free to call the H&CS program office in your county for more information
      2. Obtain an initial evaluation with a Core provider in your county
        1. Call your Behavioral Health Managed Care Organization for a Core Provider in your area
          1. Chester County - Community Care Behavioral Health at 888-251-2224
          2. Delaware, Montgomery, and Bucks counties – Magellan Behavioral Health - 1-888-207-2911
    • Lancaster and Lebanon counties – PerformCare - 1-888-700-7370
    1. The Core Provider will evaluate your child and recommend a course of action in relation to your child’s mental and behavioral health needs. A prescription for Wraparound services (i.e. Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS), Behavior Specialist Consultant (BSC), and/or Mobile Therapy (MT) may be recommended. The psychologist/psychiatrist will make a recommendation based on medical necessity and must include:
      1. Having a persistent and severe clinical mental/behavioral health diagnosis
      2. Being at risk of placement outside of the home.

    **If the recommendations include BHRS and you would like to choose H&CS as your provider, please inform the Core Provider. Parents/Caregivers have the “Freedom of Choice” in choosing a provider during the time your child receives BHRS.**

    1. The Core Provider will schedule a meeting with the Behavioral Health Managed Care Organization (BHMCO) and you to discuss the outcome of the evaluation and to discuss the recommendations. You may invite anyone to the meeting you feel is important in your child’s life. For example, if services will take place at school, a school representative should be present.  If you have chosen the H&CS program as your provider, a Case Manager will attempt to attend the meeting as well.  At this time, the Core Provider will review the evaluation and the treatment plan, which will identify any behavioral concerns, and also allow feedback from you. This information will be sent to the BHMCO for approval. The BHMCO will have 48-hours to approve, deny or request more information regarding the request for services.
    2. Services will begin following approval from the BHMCO. Depending upon the diagnosis, the BHMCO can authorize services up to 12 months. Prior to the authorization ending, you will need to schedule another evaluation in order to determine whether or not services should be continued past the initial authorization period.

    If you require additional information or explanation after reviewing the above information, please contact the Case Manager On-Call for your respective county of residence.

    Contact Us

    For information and questions, please contact one of the sites listed below or e-mail us.

    Chester County Office
    Jeanne Crysler, Coordinator
    CCIU Educational Service Center
    455 Boot Road
    Downingtown, PA 19335
    Phone: 484-237-5296
    Fax: 484-237-5167
    Toll Free: 1-866-251-3001

    Delaware & Montgomery County Office
    Christina Kaissi, Coordinator
    200 Eagle Road, Suite 4
    Wayne, PA 19087
    Phone: 610-254-2464
    Fax: 610-254-2470
    Toll Free: 1-866-251-3001

    Lancaster & Lebanon County Office
    Jessica Scepansky, Coordinator
    1861 Charter Lane, Suite 115
    Lancaster, PA 17601

    Phone: 717-617-2515

    Fax: 717-617-2525

    Toll Free: 1-866-251-3001