• Code of Ethics

    It is the responsibility of the coach to ensure the members of his or her team are aware of and adhere to the code of ethics.

    • Good sportsmanship is required.
    • Use of profanity, temper tantrums, and other unsportsmanlike behavior will be considered grounds for removal from the match. 
    • Students exhibiting unsportsmanlike behavior may be removed from the game with or without prior warning.
      • No mid-round substitution will be allowed if a student has been removed for unsportsmanlike behavior.
      • Teams will continue to play with the remaining three players until normal substitution time.
      • The player that has been removed from the game may not re-enter the round of which he/she was removed and must also sit out the following round.
      • Depending upon the severity of the student's behavior, he/she may be suspended for more than one match or for the entire season.
    • Coaches are expected to serve as role models for their students. Therefore, coaches exhibiting unsportsmanlike behavior may be removed from the room with or without prior warning. The coach that has been removed from the competition room may not re-enter the room for the remainder of the match from which he/she was removed.
    • The school districts will be held responsible for the actions and behavior of the students and coaches representing their school. Misbehavior, vandalism and unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated and will be the responsibility of their school district.
    • At the discretion of the academic competition judge, a spectator may be removed from the competition room.
    • Further violations of the above rules will result in the team's forfeiture of the remaining rounds of that match.
    • All players, coaches, institutional representatives and other persons associated with a team are bound by an honor code to behave responsibly and ethically. This includes, but is not limited to: treating all other participants and staff with courtesy, not receiving or giving impermissible assistance, not creating the temptation for another to cheat, abiding by all decisions of the academic competition judge and the tournament staff, not colluding with another person to "fix" a match result, not intentionally "throwing" a match, honestly reporting details of game situations to tournament officials, and promptly reporting violations of the honor code to a tournament staff member.
    • Violation of any game rule can be construed as unsportsmanlike conduct and may result in the coach, player, or spectator being removed from the room for the remainder of the match, and/or forfeiture of the match.
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