• Summer Career Academies Policies & Procedures

    Attendance Policy
    Participants should make every effort to attend each day.  Participants are expected to arrive for class at the indicated time. No allowance will be made for vacations or illness. If a student is unable to attend all sessions, no money will be refunded.

    Behavior Policy

    Due to the voluntary nature of the summer career academies, it is expected that students’ behavior will not require disciplinary intervention. Students will risk being dismissed if their behavior disrupts the program, does not follow instructor directives and/or affects other participants.  Participants who are referred to the coordinator for discipline may be dismissed from the program.  If a student is dismissed from the program for discipline issues, no refund will be issued.

    Volunteer Policy
    The Summer Career Academies (SCA) will consider students currently enrolled in a relevant CCIU technical program. SCA typically does not utilize other outside/student volunteers.  Volunteers must be approved in advance of the start of the session by Program Coordinator and/or Program Director.  All parties should understand that the recruitment of volunteers is utilized to enhance and support the instructor's lead and provide support through creative and interesting tasks and roles, and well planned projects. SCA volunteers must have a letter of recommendation from the instructor and/or school principal.  SCA reserves the right to refuse to volunteer status based on the needs of the program or where they feel effective use will not be made of their skills and abilities or where it appears the placement may be unsafe or unsuitable.