• 2018-19 CCIU Organizational Goals
    Each July, the CCIU Board of Directors sets goals for the organization for the upcoming year. The purpose of establishing goals is to move the Intermediate Unit forward and to provide staff with focus as we work together to provide a unified, seamless system of education in Chester County. Listed below are the goals approved on for the 2018-19 school year:


    1 | Engage Board and CCIU staff in the Strategic Planning Process for 2019 to develop our vision for CCIU and education in Chester County for 2025

    • Use Customer Service Survey Data to inform and drive the process
    • This is a cross divisional goal – with all Divisions and Board involved


    2 | Facilities goals (five goals)

    • CCDC Campus Goal:
      • Complete Phases I and II of CCDC Renovation Project and all punch list and closeout work
    • Pickering Campus Goal:
      • Explore possible sale of excess land at Chester County Technical College High School – Pickering
        • Use proceeds to offset long-term debt service
    • Plan and Initiate renovation of ESC and TCHS-Brandywine Campus 
    • Complete renovations of Milltown Adult Education Center
    • Complete of Ridgewood Facility for Pre-School Special Education 


    3 | Budget goals (two major goals):

    • Continue to budget within the Act 1 Parameters 
      • Manage 2018-19 Budget with the greatly limited increases as approved by Board 
      • Prepare 2019-20 CCIU budgets and limit any increases to tuition rates and prices to “Act 1 Index”
    • Help Chester County school districts with Procurement and Vendor Issues


    4 | Create trainings for CCIU and Chester County business partners

    • Develop five trainings focused on helping disabled individuals develop skills needed by Chester County businesses
    • Create videos to showcase the potential and market same
    • This is a cross divisional goal – joint w/Communications & Learning Solutions, IES, Student Services, IT and CTE staff


    5 | Create a food bank greenhouse that would allow CCIU Learning Center and CCDC Horticulture Programs to serve the Chester County community food banks 

    • Work with Caln Township on permits
    • Seek Grants and Community Business partners
    • This is a cross divisional goal – joint w/ CTE, Student Services and Administrative Services


    6 | Analyze and prepare for the “Significant Disproportionality” Pennsylvania Department of Education mandates that will be in place for the 2020 school year 

    • Develop Cross District Committee to set strategies
    • This is a cross divisional goal – joint w/IES and Student Services


    7 | Continue and expand STEM initiatives

    • BVA Online STEM Track/STEM Academy Expanded to grade 10
    • Work with Pennsylvania Department of Education to allow BVA to grant high school diplomas
    • Continue STEM Saturdays at all three TCHS campuses
    • Career Readiness Camps at Chester County Technical College High Schools
    • Implement Pennsylvania STEM Experiences for Equity & Diversity (SEED) Days


    8 | Research and develop a proposal to launch blended hybrid STEM Academy program

    • Research feasibility of a CCIU operated STEM Academy for Chester County and southeastern Pennsylvania
    • Investigate STEM Academy curriculum options 


    9 | Seek PennDot approval to be a Pennsylvania driver license testing center

    • Work with Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) to get approved to run as a Driver License Center in Downingtown and West Grove areas
    • If approved, implement the two site locations


    10 | Continue to increase Chester County Intermediate Unit organizational efficiency by 1%

    • Continue to improve efficiencies by one percent:
      • Process improvements showing both time and financial savings
      • Financial savings 
      • Time efficiencies
      • Increase external revenues through new regional/state offerings

    Click here to download a PDF of the Organizational Goals.