Chester County Intermediate Unit

2016-17 CCIU Organizational Goals
Each July, the CCIU Board of Directors sets goals for the organization for the upcoming year. The purpose of establishing goals is to move the intermediate unit forward and to provide staff with focus as we work together to provide a unified, seamless system of education in Chester County. Listed below are the goals approved on for the 2016-17 school year:
  • Leadership Development Program

    • Continue the development and implementation of a comprehensive cross-divisional internal Leadership Development Program (LDP) for Chester County Intermediate Unit employees.   

    • Explore the development of a marketplace option for districts to engage in the LDP.

  • Act 1 Parameters

    • Prepare 2017-18 CCIU budgets and limit any increases to tuition rates and prices to “Act 1 Index.”

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey

    • Survey school board directors, school administrators, parents of students in CCIU programs, students (where appropriate), all CCIU staff and other stakeholders as identified. 

    • Analyze survey results and develop strategies for improved customer satisfaction and engagement. Work with Board to use this data for intermediate unit improvement in the following year.

  • Act 45 Programs

    • Market and deliver to administrators across the region three new Act 45 programs that have been approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and are aligned with Chester County districts’ needs.

    • Advise district administrators of Act 45 requirements and communicate CCIU’s online and face-to-face professional learning opportunities to meet state requirements.

  • Facilities Goals (two goals)

    • Pickering Campus Goals: Complete Phases I and IA of the TCHS Pickering project and start Phases II and IIA (completion by September 2017). Proceed with TCHS Pickering property subdivision initiative per approved timeline.

    • CCIU General Facilities Goals: Prepare Gordon Early Literacy Center and complete relocation of programs (July 2016). Complete renovations at Educational Service Center, Transitional Learning Program House at Pennock’s Bridge, West Chester Education Center (September 2016). Complete deployment of Shoretel phone system and upgrades to cellular service at ESC/TCHS Brandywine (September 2016). Develop renovation plan for repurposing of Stanley K. Landis Building (January 2017).

  • STEM Education

    • Create and deliver STEM services that connect STEM education with local business and industry partners; facilitate use of CCIU’s Makerspace by students, educators, community groups and guests.

    • Offer two new professional development programs and two new student programs related to STEM education.

  • Teacher Contract Negotiations 

    • Determine full cost of current teacher contract (expires August 2017). 

    • Organize Chester County Intermediate Unit Board Negotiations Team, develop contract agreement goals and parameters; engage CCIUEA in “early bird” discussions (Fall 2016). If no early bird settlement is reached, commence formal negotiations (January 2017).

    • Develop goals for total cost of the new contract and negotiate new contract.

  • District Solution: Tele-practice

    • Grow tele-practice services by expanding outside Chester County.

    • Look for partnerships and offer revenue sharing with other IU’s and market program as a viable alternative revenue source.

    • Create sustainable technology practices associated with tele-practice and solve technology issues associated with serving rural and economically disadvantaged students.

  • District Solution: Admin Professionals on Assignment Program

    • Formalize the program to expand the pool of potential candidates and create viable payment and price structures for districts and charters.

    • Expand offerings to include audits and program reviews.

    • Create a new service of assisting financially distressed districts or districts in crisis.