• 2017-18 CCIU Organizational Goals
    Each July, the CCIU Board of Directors sets goals for the organization for the upcoming year. The purpose of establishing goals is to move the intermediate unit forward and to provide staff with focus as we work together to provide a unified, seamless system of education in Chester County. Listed below are the goals approved on for the 2017-18 school year:

    1 | Continue and Expand the Leadership Development Program

    ·       Continue the internal Leadership Development Program (LDP) and implementation.

    o   Create a comprehensive cross-divisional leadership program for Chester County Intermediate Unit employees, including mentorship and real world task assignments

    ·       Explore the development of a marketplace option for districts to engage in the LDP.

    ·       Create an educational leadership mentorship program that would match new or aspiring ed leaders with experienced educational leaders. Hold workshops such as resume/portfolio building, interview prep, emotional intelligence skills, etc.

    ·       CCIU LDP:

    o   Develop and present succession planning for all key CCIU administrative positions

    o   Engage CCIU Board in visioning exercise for Chester County education – use as focus for CCIU Board Presentations

    o   Offer CCIU presentations to all Chester County school district board meetings (if desired)


    2 | Primary Directive for our Budget Goal: Continue to Budget within Act 1 Parameters

    ·       Prepare 2017-18 CCIU budgets and limit any increases to tuition rates and prices to “Act 1 Index”.


    3 | Customer Satisfaction: Develop and Conduct a Customer Service Satisfaction Survey of CCIU Internal & External Stakeholders

    ·       Survey school board directors, school administrators, parents of students in CCIU programs, students (where appropriate), all CCIU staff, and other stakeholders as identified. Develop and administer this survey.

    ·       Analyze survey results and develop strategies for improved customer satisfaction and engagement. Work with Board to use this data for intermediate unit improvement in the following year.


    4 | Increase Chester County Intermediate Unit Organizational Efficiency by One Percent (1%)

    Demonstrate improved efficiencies of one percent through the following measured metrics:

    ·       Decrease operational costs (electricity; maintenance; custodial; facilities…)

    ·       Increase external revenues (new out of county business revenues; BVA tuition; state-wide services; online STEM academy; etc.)

    ·       Increase direct marketing to charter schools and private schools.

    ·       Reduce occupational education Budget.

    ·       Offer both online and face to face Act 45 programs across the region.

    ·       Ensure all Chester County Intermediate Unit Board and staff meetings are paperless.


    5 | Facilities Goals (two goals)

    Pickering Campus Goal:

    ·       Complete Phases II and IIA of TCHS Pickering project for completion by September 2017.

    ·       Proceed with TCHS Pickering property subdivision initiative per approved timeline; begin land development process for the sale of the land.


    CCIU General Facilities Goals:

    ·       Complete renovations at educational service center’s roof (Summer 2017)

    ·       Complete renovation plan for repurposing of Stanley K. Landis building (Fall, 2017)


    6 | STEM Education

    ·       Continue and expand STEM initiatives, including the following:

    o   Extend STEM Saturdays at TCHS Pennock’s Bridge and TCHS Pickering.

    o   Host an invention Convention.

    o   Carnegie Pathway trainings.

    o   Establish professional learning and collaboration regarding computer science.

    ·       Research and Develop a Proposal to Launch an Online STEM Academy

    o   Research feasibility of an online STEM Academy.

    o   Investigate online STEM Academy curriculum options.

    o   Develop Blended Learning options.

    o   Create STEM face-to-face and virtual labs.

    o   Develop online STEM academy teacher training academy.

    ·       If feasible, launch online STEM academy pilot, January 2018.

    ·       If feasible, launch online STEM academy, September 2018.


    7 | Develop a New Method for Calculating Occupational Education that Moves Supplemental Costs to a New Marketplace Approach

    ·       Work with all Chester County school districts to create a new marketplace Budget Cost for any extra supplemental costs needed by any school district at our Chester County Technical College High Schools.

    ·       Review the Articles of Agreement and communicate openly with all superintendents and school districts on the new marketplace based funding mechanism to be developed for supplemental costs at our Chester County Technical College High Schools.

    ·       Ensure all Chester County school districts understand the new billing proposals.


    8 | Provide District Solutions: Coordinated Curriculum Services

    ·       Develop a coordinated curriculum across student service programming aligned with PA Core

    o   Develop a comprehensive plan for development and implementation of a coordinated curriculum across student services programming.

    o   Compile information regarding current practices. Cross reference curriculum practices between buildings and practices.

    o   Take an in-depth look into literacy and math practices. Develop recommendations for improvement and implementation.

    o   Market program as a viable alternative revenue source.

    ·       Offer professional learning in the areas of personalized learning, mass customized learning, and innovation.


    9 | Establish Community Partnerships with Local and Municipal Agencies

    ·       Develop intern/temp work programs for our tech students with local municipal governments. Might help build bridges between municipalities and schools.


    10 | Provide Solutions: Expand Services and Create New Marketplace Programs

    ·       Evaluate the potential for providing services across the lifespan to individuals with disabilities

    o   Birth to three services: Become a provider for the birth to three population with disabilities. Obtain licensing requirements. Market services to parents, hospitals, pediatricians.

    o   Adult Services: Evaluate the potential for providing comprehensive adult services, including day programs, vocational programs, and community based instruction. Identify a location for services and work with the county offices to obtain referrals for the programs.

    ·       Create marketplace services reflective of district/charter school need in student services

    o   Survey special education administrators, county social service offices, and regulatory agencies to determine gaps in needed services/programming.

    o   Evaluate results and determine proposed new programming to develop.

    o   Choose the top two areas of need and develop into solutions/programming.

    o   Market new programming.