• 2019-20 CCIU Organizational Goals
    Each July, the CCIU Board of Directors sets goals for the organization for the upcoming year. The purpose of establishing goals is to move the CCIU forward and to provide staff with focus as we work together to provide a unified, seamless system of education in Chester County. Listed below are the approved goals for the 2019-20 school year:

    Goals 1-4 | Implement the Approved Strategic Plan

    • These are cross-divisional goals, with the executive director and all divisions involved.


    1 | Define CCIU's Educational Role

    • Integrate workforce job skills and career readiness into the programs offered at the CCIU.
      • Relate to PDE's Career Readiness Mandates.
    • Continue to seek and leverage partners that will enhance CCIU's ability to provide the highest quality of services in the most cost-effective manner (businesses, universities, non-profits). 


    2 | Ensure CCIU's Financial Viability

    • Provide detailed, comprehensive invoices emphasizing the value of CCIU services.
    • Enhance financial data for distribution to CCIU Board and school districts.


    3 | Communicate CCIU's Mission

    • Create two-way communication channels to relay school district and CCIU priorities to legislators.
    • Focus on micro/targeted communication for key stakeholder groups, boards, school district officials, parents, employees, legislators, etc.


    4 | Foster CCIU's Culture and Brand

    • Implement a program to assist employees with stress management and work-life balance.
    • Develop multiple measures of customer satisfaction (enrollment, participation, sales, district administrative input, superintendent feedback via ongoing meetings/communications)


    5 | Facilities Goals

    • CCDC Campus Goals
      • Complete Phase II and start Phase III of CCDC Renovation Project and all punch list and closeout work.
      • Complete the construction of the Horticulture Center.
    • Pickering Campus Goals
      • Develop and implement the Veterinary Science program space.
    • ESC/Brandywine Campus Goals
      • Complete renovation of ESC and TCHS-Brandywine Campus.


    6 | Collective Bargaining with Professional Staff

    • Initiate bargaining process, NLT January 2020.


    7 | Budget Goals

    • Continue to budget within or below the "Act 1 Index"
      • Manage 2019-20 budget with the greatly limited increases as approved by Board.
      • Prepare 2020-21 CCIU budgets and limit any increases to tuition rates and prices within or below the "Act 1 Index".
    • Help Chester County school districts with procurement and vendor issues.
    • Encourage and support collaborative efforts to apply for and obtain grants (per Strategic Plan Goal Area 2, Objective 2, Strategy 1).
    • Analyze population trends and market conditions in order to set realistic growth measurements for each fiscal year (per Strategic Plan Goal Area 2, Objective 2, Strategy 2).


    8 | Department of Motor Vehicles Center

    • Start operations in southern and central Chester County.
    • Investigate opening in northern Chester County.