Changes to Fingerprinting Services Hours:
    Fingerprinting Services will be CLOSED on Monday, January 15, 2018.
    Questions? Call: 484-237-5018 or Email: fingerpinting@cciu.org
    CCIU Fingerprinting Services
    The state of Pennsylvania has recently changed the statewide fingerprinting vendor.  IDEMIA/Identogo will now process fingerprint applicant registrations.  Once you are registered you can go to any Identogo location to be fingerprinted.



    Register online at http://uenroll.identogo.com

    Register on the Phone at 844-321-2101

    Chester County Intermediate Unit - Identogo Location
    You can be fingerprinted at the Chester County Intermediate Unit.  Please register online at http://uenroll.identogo.com or call 844-321-2101 prior to coming to the CCIU to be fingerprinted.
    Chester County Intermediate Unit (Educational Services Center Building)
    455 Boot Road
    Downingtown, PA 19335
    Monday - Thursday: 10:00 am - 12:30 pm, 1:30 pm - 6:30 pm
    Friday: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm
    Call to confirm hours at 484-237-5018.  There may be changes to the operating hours.
    QUESTIONS? Contact us at: fingerprinting@cciu.org or 484-237-5018
    FEEDBACK HOTLINE: How would you rate your fingerprinting experience?
    If you would like to provide us with feedback about your experience with the fingerprinting process, here are ways to provide feedback.  If you would like a return call/email, please provide your contact information when reaching out to us.
    Email: fingerprinting@cciu.org
    Voicemail: 484-237-5019
    Phone: 484-237-5018
    Website Form:

    Thank you for choosing the Chester County Intermediate Unit for assistance.
    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
    Q1. What is my service code?
    A1.  Your service code is provided by the person/organization who is asking you to be fingerprinted.  Here are links and common service codes for the most common fingerprinting reasons at the CCIU fingerprinting site.
    Link for PA Department of Human Services (PDHS), formerly known as the PA Dept of Public Welfare: http://dhs.pa.gov/publications/findaform/childabusehistoryclearanceforms/index.htm
    PA Dept of Education Service Codes:
    Service Code
    Applicant Type - PA Dept of Education (PDE)
    1KG6S7 Intermediate Units (IU)
    1KG6Q9 Charter Schools
    1KG6NX Area Vocations Technical Schools (AVTS)
    1KG6TR Non-Public Schools
    1KG6V5 Private Schools
    1KG6Y3 PDE Volunteer
    1KG6XN School Districts
    1KG6RT Colleges/Universities Teacher Education Program


    PA Dept of Human Services Service Codes:

    Q2: I am under 18 and I do not have valid photo identification, what can I do?

    A2: If you are under 18 and you do not have valid photo identification, you and your parent(s) can complete a PA Photo ID Waiver for Minors.  Click Here is a link to download the PA Photo ID Waiver for Minors.  


    Q3: My Pennsylvania employer has asked me to get three background checks completed.  Can you help me identify the three background check clearances that I need?

    A3: Check with your employer to confirm the background check clearances that you need.  The three most common background checks are:

    Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance: https://www.compass.state.pa.us/cwis

    Pennsylvania State Police Background Clearance: https://epatch.state.pa.us/Home.jsp

    FBI Fingerprint Background Clearance: http://uenroll.identogo.com

    For more information about the Pennsylvania Background Check Requirements, visit: http://keepkidssafe.pa.gov

    Click here for a helpful handout on the PA Background Check Requirements


    Q4: Where can I have ink fingerprints and/or a fingerprint card completed?

    A4: In Chester County, you can have ink fingerprints and/or a fingerprint card completed at the Chester County Courthouse, Sherrif's Office, 201 W. Market St, Suite 1201, West Chester, PA 19382.  Questions?  Call: 610-344-6850


    Fingerprinting Changeover FAQ's

    Q – What is the last day for an applicant to register with and be fingerprinted by


    A – The last day to register and be fingerprinted with Cogent/Gemalto is 11/18/17.


    Q – If I’m an applicant, and have registered with Cogent/Gemalto and have not yet been

    fingerprinted, will I receive a refund?

    A – Yes, Cogent/Gemalto will issue a refund on 11/29/17 for all those applicants that have

    registered, but have not been fingerprinted. The applicant will then have to register with

    Idemia/MorphoTrust and be fingerprinted at an Idemia/MorphoTrust site beginning 11/28/17.  If you have not received your refund yet, call: 888-439-2486 or go to http://pa.cogentid.com to cancel your registration which will initiate the refund process.



    Q – How long will it take for me to receive my refund from Cogent/Gemalto?

    A – Refunds by Cogent/Gemalto are to be processed on 11/29/17.  If you have not received your refund yet, call: 888-439-2486 or go to: http://pa.cogentid.com to cancel your registration which will initiate the refund process.


    Q – What is the first day for an applicant to register with Idemia/MorphoTrust and be


    A – The first day for an applicant to register with Idemia/MorphoTrust and be fingerprinted will

    be 11/28/17.


    Q – If I’ve registered and have been fingerprinted with Cogent/Gemalto, but need reprinted

    after 11/28/17, what should I do?

    A – If a re-fingerprint is required and was not completed with Cogent/Gemalto prior to

    11/27/17, the applicant will be contacted by Idemia/MorphoTrust and will be issued a payment

    coupon. Registration with Idemia/MorphoTrust and re-fingerprinting will be available as of



    Q – How long will the coupon for re-fingerprinting be valid?

    A – Coupon for re-fingerprinting will be valid for 90 days.


    Q – Where/how do I get my coupon for re-fingerprinting with Idemia/MorphoTrust?

    A – Applicants who were fingerprinted and rejected under Cogent/Gemalto will need to contact

    Idemia/MorphoTrust by phone, toll-free at:844-321-2101. Once the applicant is verified as

    reprint necessary, a payment waiver/coupon code will be provided to the applicant. Further

    details on that process will be available once the transition begins to occur.


    Q – Where are the Idemia/MorphoTrust sites located?

    A – Applicants should use: https://www.identogo.com/locations or call: 844-321-2101 to find a location.


    Q – As an applicant, requiring fingerprinting, do I need to pre-register?

    A – Yes, applicants need to pre-register. After November 28, you can register over the phone

    at 844-321-2101 or online at http://uenroll.identogo.com.


    Q – Do I need to make an appointment before showing up at an Idemia/MorphoTrust site?

    A – Appointments are not required, but pre-registration is required. Once registered,

    applicants may walk-in during a location’s posted hours of operation, however, walk-ins will have to wait until they can be fit into the schedule.  Wait times can be long for walk-ins so appointments are recommended.