Chester County Intermediate Unit

Advanced Clinical Services

Program Overview

Advanced Clinical Services features comprehensive, evidence-based services to assess, diagnose and treat students with complex behaviors and related mental health disorders. The program complements existing services, while also expanding to include additional behavioral support options.

This marketplace service includes assessment, direct staffing and ongoing technical support. Our goal is to identify early and provide appropriate intervention to ensure student success.

Program Offerings

Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)
An FBA looks for the “why?” behind a behavior. This broader perspective offers a better understanding of the behavior’s purpose and enables the school team to develop a comprehensive plan to increase the student’s access to education.
Behavior Capture Implementation
After capturing behaviors on camera using an iPad or other device, staff can upload the video for review by a behavior analyst. The behavior analyst can then provide feedback based on each situation.

The benefit of this innovative use of technology is that the team can remotely access video recordings within minutes of an incident occurring. This saves time spent traveling or observing in the classroom when the behavior is not occurring. It also facilitates collaboration by allowing the entire team to review the videos, make notes and work together electronically.
Personal Care Assistants (PCA)
When students experience extreme behavior challenges, local education agencies need highly-skilled behavioral professional staff in a timely manner. CCIU provides direct one-to-one staffing of PCAs.
Attend (School Refusal Behavior Program)
Attend, previously called the School Refusal Behavior Program, is a comprehensive, evidence-based program that assesses, diagnoses and treats students aged 5-21 with school refusal behaviors and related anxiety problems.
Services include:
  • Diagnostic/Clinical Evaluation
  • Complex Functional Behavior Assessment
  • Implementation of treatment plan

Why choose CCIU's Advanced Clinical Services?

The demand for complex FBAs and PBSPs has soared in recent years. CCIU’s Advanced Clinical Services will connect Chester County school districts with the skilled staff, training and resources they need. We are a regional expert in behavioral and mental health. Our continuum of services will address the needs of students presenting with extreme behavioral challenges.

2014-15 Program Specifics

Assessment Services:
  • Functional Behavioral Assessment
  • Functional Analysis
  • VB-MAPP Assessments
  • Systematic Preference Assessments
  • Crisis Evaluation/Safety Assessments
  • School Refusal Behavior Assessments
Direct Staffing and/or Consultation:
  • Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA)
  • Licensed mental health professionals
  • Licensed psychologist or certified school psychologist
  • Licensed Behavior Specialist Consultant
  • One-to-one staffing (PCA) by trained behavioral professionals
Ongoing Support:
CCIU will provide programmatic consultations, trainings and other supports.
For more information, please contact Denise Singer-Ott at 484-237-5252.