• Delayed High School Start Time

    In response to the extensive research regarding adolescent sleep patterns and the resulting sleep deprivation caused by current high school start times, the American Academy of Pediatrics has made a recommendation that middle and high schools delay their start time to 8:30 a.m. or later in order to better align school schedules to the biological sleep patterns of adolescents.

    The Student Forum Delayed Start Time Committee (DSTC) was created to assess the potential benefits and obstacles of delaying high school start times. Its goal was to determine whether or not pushing back the start time of high schools within Chester County would have a positive impact on students, and if the positive impact would warrant further investigation into strategies to overcome potential obstacles to its implementation.

    The DSTC worked with Hanover Research to study the benefits, obstacles and methods to overcome obstacles of implementation of a delayed start time for high school students. They spoke with industry experts in an effort to make educated recommendations for overcoming potential obstacles to implementation. The DSTC then disseminated a survey to Chester County high school students to gain a student perspective on the delayed start time initiative.

    Due to overwhelming positive effects on students’ academic, physical, social and emotional well-being, the Student Forum Delayed Start Time Committee recommends that the Chester County Intermediate Unit Board considers the implementation of a delayed high school start time. 

    For more information or to have the Delayed Start Time present at your next meeting, please contact Jennifer Shealy at JenniferSh@cciu.org