• Guidance Services
    NPSS Guidance Services attempt to prevent problems by meeting the needs of children as they grow. The Guidance Program provides various services to help children cope with emotional, social, behavioral and/or academic problems. These services include:
    • Developmental Classroom Guidance Lessons
    • Individual Counseling
    • Group Counseling
    • Parent/Teacher Consultation
    • Referral Services
    Developmental Guidance
    Students in Grades K-8 may participate in age-appropriate group guidance lessons to learn skills such as how to get along with others, how to cope with stress, ways to improve self-confidence, and how to study. Various hands-on activities and discussion are used to foster the development of social, emotional, and organizational skills expected of students at each grade level.
    Individual Counseling
    Individual counseling is available to students who want or need one-to-one guidance in resolving their problems. Students may be referred for individual counseling by their parents, teachers or by the students themselves. Parent permission is obtained for individual counseling services.
    Group Counseling
    Students with similar problems meet in small groups with a guidance counselor to discuss and learn strategies to deal with their mutual concerns. Parents will be notified if a child is recommended to participate in group counseling.
    Parent/Teacher Consultation
    Counselors, teachers and parents work together by sharing information and ideas to develop a mutually agreed upon course of action that is most beneficial to the students.  The goal of consultation is to influence the attitude or behavior of a third party, usually the student.  Books and materials are available in the Guidance Center for teacher and parent use.
    Referral Services
    When a child's needs exceed the capacity of the school counseling program, the counselor will provide a list of appropriate agencies/individuals who can address those needs.
    The information above is a generic description of the services available through NPSS Guidance Services. Specific programs may vary from school to school. For more details about the guidance program at your child's school, please contact the CCIU counselor assigned to your child's school or call the school directly.