• NPSS Math Services

    The NPSS Mathematics program recognizes the need for each child to be successful in learning mathematics. This supplemental program is designed as an individualized instructional approach to provide the student with the opportunity to progress at his/her own ability level. A variety of teaching methods is used in a positive climate, which encourages students to actively participate in the learning process.

    Program Goals
    The goals of the program are:
    • To help each child reach his/her individual potential in basic mathematics skills
    • To create a positive attitude toward the study of mathematics
    • To encourage each student to become a functioning and contributing member of the classroom
    • To offer the child alternate approaches toward the mastery of math skills for practical applications in everyday life

    Through an individualized program, the specialist and student work together to remediate and reinforce basic skills and concepts. Motivation is a key to the multifaceted approach in the mathematics instruction.

    Program Components
    • Referral - Classroom teachers, principals, parents and students make referrals. In addition, standardized test scores and classroom performance are analyzed.
    • Eligibility - Students are accepted into the program based on individualized needs as determined by the math specialist and the classroom teacher. Once eligibility is determined, parents are informed of the potential placement with the understanding that they may accept or decline the service.

    • Instruction - Students are seen on a one-to-one or small group basis in at least 30-minute time periods.  The specialist and teacher will create a schedule that will cause minimal interruption for the student. The instructional procedures and activities are highly motivating, varied, and specifically related to predetermined instructional objectives. Activities included in the resource file are computer programs, motivational games, group drill activities and skill sheets. Keeping current with the classroom concepts is very important in establishing continuity and reinforcement for classroom performance. Therefore, those skills are given priority during instructional time. Grade level objectives have been established to work on with the students as well.

    • Evaluation - Continuous evaluation of student progress corresponds to classroom performance. The mathematics program instructional summary is sent home in January and June to keep parents informed. Conferences are scheduled with parents of each student at the end of the school year. During the year, the specialist is available for phone conferencing and/or e-mail.

    • Dismissal from the Program - Upon completion of his/her objectives, a student may be dismissed from the program. Teacher and parental requests for dismissal are also considered.


    The information above is a generic description of the services available through the NPSS Mathematics Program. Specific programs may vary from school to school. For more details about the program at your child's school, please contact the CCIU math specialist assigned to your child's school or call the school directly.