• Reading Services
    NPSS reading specialists work with students, teachers and parents to develop a program that is appropriate for each child.
    Weekly, small group instruction is provided to address the students' needs and to support the curriculum in the classroom.
    Testing results and student progress are discussed with parents and appropriate school personnel.
    Program Goals
    The goal of the Non-Public School Services Reading Program is to facilitate quality literacy instruction for students in our schools.
    Scientific research indicates that there are five essential components of reading that must be taught in order to learn to read.  (National Reading Panel).
    The five essential elements of reading instruction include:
    •    Phonemic Awareness
    •    Alphabetic Principal
    •    Vocabulary
    •    Comprehension
    •    Fluency
    Students enrolled in the Non-Public School Services Reading Program will be assessed and instructed in these areas to become successful readers.
    Reading Resources for Parents and Students for a list of helpful links.