• Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services (BHRS)/Wraparound Services – Ages 20 & Under

    There are five steps to obtaining BHRS:

    1. Obtain Medical Assistance for your child

    2. Obtain an initial evaluation with a core provider in your county

    3. The core provider will evaluate your child and recommend a course of action in relation to your child’s mental and behavioral health needs. A prescription for Wraparound services (i.e. Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS), Behavior Specialist Consultant (BSC) and/or Mobile Therapy (MT) may be recommended. The psychologist/psychiatrist will make a recommendation based on medical necessity.

    4. The core provider will schedule a meeting with the Behavioral Health Managed Care Organization (BHMCO) and you to discuss the outcome of the evaluation and to discuss the recommendations.

    5. Services will begin following approval from the BHMCO. Depending upon the diagnosis, the BHMCO can authorize services up to 12 months. Prior to the authorization ending, you will need to schedule another evaluation in order to determine whether or not services should be continued past the initial authorization period.

    If you require additional information or explanation after reviewing the above information, please contact the Case Manager on-call for your respective county of residence.

  • Program contacts:
    Catherine McCarthy
    Jeanne Crysler
    Jessica Scepansky
    For information and questions, please contact one of the sites listed below or e-mail us
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    Delaware & Montgomery Counties
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