• Attend

    The Attend Program is a comprehensive, evidence-based program that assesses, diagnoses and treats students aged 5-21 with school refusal behaviors and related anxiety problems.

    Program features:

    • Psychological evaluation by a licensed psychologist to diagnose underlying mental health condition(s)
    • Functional behavioral assessment by a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA) in the home and school settings to evaluate the environmental variable(s)
    • Positive behavior support plan (PBSP) designed to address identified needs
    • Support by a mental health specialist (MHS) to assist with implementation of the PBSP in the home

    Attend Program referral process:

    Click here to submit an evaluation request.

    The Attend Family Program is designed to intervene early in addressing habitually truant behavior in school-aged students. The goal of the program is to work with students in combination with their family in order to address barriers to school attendance.

    Attend Family Program referral process:

    Click here to download the referral form for the Attend Family Program. Once completed, please email to Attend@cciu.org.