• So what's Behind-the-Wheel Training?
    Behind-the-wheel training consists of six hours of actual driving experience on the road. It can be scheduled anytime during the entire year. There are designated locations to meet the instructor for the lessons.

    How do we schedule Behind-the-Wheel Training?
    Send in the Behind-The-Wheel registration form, or call 484-237-5189 to register with a VISA or Mastercard. When the student's name is next on the waiting list, an instructor will contact you to set up a driving schedule. Please make every effort to accommodate the times that the instructor has available.

    Behind-the-Wheel lessons vary depending on the student’s school district and will be completed based on student sign-up date. It is recommended that students sign up on or about the time they receive their permit, as there is usually a 12+ week wait for lessons. A license or learner’s permit is required to enroll in the Behind-the-Wheel Training.

    Driver Education Pricing for 2019-2020

    $123 Online Theory Instruction (plus a $5.00 processing fee) for the 30-hour course
    $165 Online Theory Instruction (plus a $5.00 processing fee) for the 40-hour course
    $475 Behind-the-Wheel Training (Chester County students)
    $535 Behind-the-Wheel Training (All other students)


    If a student completes both the CCIU Online Driver Theory course and the Behind-the-Wheel instruction, they will receive a 25% discount on their driver's testing exam (full cost is $100) if taken at either one of our testing centers. Their driver’s testing exam can also be completed at an existing Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) location. 
    Learn more about our Driver Testing Centers.

    What if my child cannot attend a lesson?

    Please cancel at least 24 hours ahead by either contacting the instructor or the CCIU at 484-237-5189. If you do not call and do not show up for the session, a $40 fee will be assessed before you can receive a certificate of completion. Instructors will wait fifteen minutes after the scheduled time of a lesson. After that time, the student has missed the session and will be charged accordingly. Please note: Failure to bring along a valid permit will also be considered a missed lesson.

    What car do you use, mine or yours?

    All CCIU Driver Education cars will be used. All cars are equipped with automatic transmissions and dual breaking systems.

    What if my child's permit expires before s/he gets scheduled?
    The permit can be easily extended for another year by completing a permit extension form from The Department of Motor Vehicles. The student does not need to take another knowledge test.

    How do I register?
    To enroll, please complete an application:

    Registration Form

    Please mail the completed form to:

    Chester County Intermediate Unit

    Attn: Driver Education
    455 Boot Road
    Downingtown, PA 19335


    VISA, MasterCard, money orders, or personal checks are accepted. Please make checks/money orders payable to CCIU.

    You can also call 484-237-5189 to register over the telephone. Please be sure to have the student's driver ID number and expiration date of the permit when calling. You can also contact the Driver Education Coordinator at driverseducation@cciu.org.

    Please visit the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation's Driver and Vehicle Services web site to obtain the physical examination or permit extensions forms and the drivers manual.

    The CCIU offers a driver education online theory course and Behind-the-Wheel Training.

    • Most insurance companies offer discounts to students who have taken both the theory and behind-the-wheel training.
    • Parents are strongly encouraged to continuously monitor the driving practices of their teenagers, even after they are issued a license. Teenagers often become careless, reckless and over-confident within 12 months of receiving their license. In order to monitor careless driving habits that may have developed, parents are encouraged to have their teenager drive them to their destination occasionally.
    • A completion certificate stating the student has fulfilled the course requirements can be used to obtain a discount on auto insurance with some companies.
    • If your students who have taken the theory portion and behind-the-wheel training, have had their license for one year and whose license is violation-free, may be eligible to receive a senior license prior to their 18th birthday. Send us a notarized Junior-to-Senior License DL59 form (the form can be downloaded by going to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation's Driver and Vehicle Services website) along with proof of course completion (copies of the certificates will do). We will sign the form verifying completion of the courses and send it to Harrisburg. 

    Behind-the-Wheel Training
    For more information, contact the Driver Education Coordinator by email or by phone at 484-237-5189.


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