• Driver Education
    Driver Education training consists of two separate courses: Theory Highway Safety and Behind-the-Wheel Training. Students may complete the Theory Highway Safety portion by taking the Driver Education Online Theory Course. After students receive their permit, they can take Behind-the-Wheel Training driving lessons. Students are not required to take either part of driver education in the state of Pennsylvania before obtaining a license; however, it is recommended. It is also recommended that students take the theory portion first so that they can learn about safe driving practices before starting Behind-the-Wheel Training. If a student takes both components of the driver education course, has had their permit for six months and has completed 65 hours of driving practice, they can complete their driver’s testing exam at one of our CCIU Driver Testing Centers for a discounted rate*.

    Learn more about the CCIU Driver Testing Centers.

    Behind-the-Wheel lessons vary depending on the student’s school district and will be completed based on student sign-up date. It is recommended that students sign up on or about the time they receive their permit, as the waitlist can reach up to 12+ weeks.

    Driver Education Pricing for 2019-2020
    $123 Online Theory Instruction (plus a $5.00 processing fee) for the 30-hour course
    $165 Online Theory Instruction (plus a $5.00 processing fee) for the 40-hour course
    $475 Behind-the-Wheel Training (Chester County students)
    $535 Behind-the-Wheel Training (All other students)

    For additional information, please contact the Driver Education coordinator at driverseducation@cciu.org or by phone at 484-237-5189.


    *The driver’s testing exam can also be completed at a local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) location.

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