• Southeastern Pennsylvania Migrant Education Programs

    Purpose: Our goal is to help migrant children experience success: “to ensure that all enrolled migrant students receive educational services necessary to develop to their fullest potential so that they become productive and participating members of our society.”

    Identification and recruitment
    The recruiter coordinator and eight recruiters work in collaboration with school districts, growers, employers, local businesses, community agencies and social services to identify families who qualify for Migrant Education services.

    Data services
    The Data Specialist works closely with the Pennsylvania Migrant Education Program (MEP) data team to help maintain the PA migrant student database, from which student demographic information can be obtained and used to design supportive services. Through our participation in the Migrant Student Information Exchange (MSIX), we are also able to make student information available to other project areas within Pennsylvania as well as Migrant Education Programs in other states. Access to details such as past enrollments, reading and math proficiency, and course history can help ensure that students continue to receive appropriate services after they relocate. The MSIX system can also be used to notify Migrant Education staff that a migrant family is making a move to their area.

    Student support services
    Ten full-time and approximately sixty part-time student support specialists (SSS) offer supportive programming beginning with on-campus and in-home pre-school sessions that focus on early literacy and numeracy development and school readiness skills. The SSS offer after-school and summer supplemental K-12 programming with activities that emphasize reading, math, science, English as a Second Language (ESL), art, and music. We collaborate with La Comunidad Hispana to offer GED preparation (in Spanish), ESL classes, computer literacy classes and a competitive soccer league for our 17-21 year-old out-of-school youth population.

    Parent involvement
    Two parent involvement coordinators work to assure that the parents of our Migrant Education students become and remain active participants in their children's education. The parent coordinators assist families with school registrations, attend parent information sessions at the schools, and offer workshops on topics such as cyber safety, good nutrition, and services available in the community.

    The Southeastern PA MEP serves migrant families in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware and Chester Counties. The majority of migrant workers in Philadelphia are employed in meat and vegetable packing. In Norristown, the migrant workers perform similar work and also find employment in nurseries/greenhouses. Mushroom farming provides 98% of the work for migrant workers in Southern Chester County.

    More information regarding the PA Migrant Education Program is available through the Pennsylvania Department of Education and a perspective on the national program is offered through the US Department of Education, Office of Migrant Education.