• Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI)

    Make a Positive Impact on Pennsylvania School Improvement

    In Pennsylvania, educators at every level of the education system embrace a shared vision that Pennsylvania learners will be responsible, involved citizens and be prepared for meaningful engagement in postsecondary education, workforce training and career pathways. In making this vision a reality, the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) and its partners work collaboratively with Local Education Agencies (LEAs), schools and their communities to improve opportunities throughout the Commonwealth by ensuring that technical support, resources, and optimal learning environments are available for all administrators, teachers and support personnel.

    The future of education begins with a strong collaboration amongst educators committed to a shared vision. Pennsylvania schools are working with experienced, passionate educators to identify and support their local work - educators like you! 

    To learn more about the Comprehensive School Improvement and how you can apply your skills to this crucial program, download our CSI brochure

    Regional Improvement Teams

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    As CSI schools, LEAs and districts begin building the foundation for a tailored, continuous school improvement process that supports school and student achievement, regional support teams consisting of improvement facilitators and core team members will offer professional guidance and ensure that school leaders receive the support needed to inform and implement improvement efforts. 

    As partners in this collaborative Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE)-led initiative, the CCIU and Lancaster-Lebanon IU13 are responsible for the hiring of multiple School Improvement Facilitators and Core Team Members that will assist and empower CSI schools and Local Education Agencies (LEAs) as they move forward in the school improvement process.


    Have a Hand in School Success!

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    "The essential practices and school improvement process was meaningful and helped guide our efforts tremendously. The final plan that we developed as a team is something that we are very proud of.” - PA principal from CSI School

    "We garnered participation from our community, parents, student stakeholders and our staff that our school team and outside support relied on as we focused on identifying our priorities for the coming year, which was a big step for us.” - PA principal from CSI School 

    "Our Core Team Members were integral to the entire process. They reviewed and added useful perspective and feedback to our plans of action and guided us in finding solutions that worked for our needs.” - PA principal from CSI School

  • School Improvement Facilitators

    Are you an experienced educational leader who likes collaborating with other leaders? Consider becoming a school improvement facilitator! School Improvement Facilitators offer on-site support in the design and implementation of an evidence-based continuous improvement process. 


    For more detailed information, download the School Improvement Facilitator information sheet.

  • Core Team Members

    Are you a skilled professional with experience in specific curriculum areas and instruction? Apply your knowledge as a core team member! Core team members assist in the creation and implementation of evidence-based improvement plans, offering experience in: school climate, English language arts, mathematics, human capital strategies, data analysis, MTSS and family/community engagement.

    For more detailed information, download the Core Team Member information sheet.

  • Hear from a current School Improvement Facilitator and Core Team Member

    Through a collaborative, peer-to-peer approach, you will facilitate an initiative that empowers CSI schools, LEAs and local educational leaders to determine their own priorities and be at the forefront of devising a clear plan for moving forward toward achieving success. Don't wait, get started today by applying below! 

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Last Modified on July 12, 2020