• Autism Support

    The Autism support classroom programs provide academic, social, language, developmental and behavioral support services for students diagnosed as manifesting conditions associated with the autism spectrum. Students receive instruction on both an individual and small group basis. Instruction is provided in the following areas:

    • Social and behavioral skills
    • Multisensory approaches
    • Enhanced interpersonal relationships
    • Communication skills
    • Pragmatic language skills
    • Integrated district-based curriculum
    • Inclusionary programming

    The primary goal of the program is to promote interpersonal and prosocial skills while maintaining appropriate academic advancement.

    Health and support services provided in the basic program include:
    • Parent education
    • Behavior management

    Related services not provided in basic program and available at an additional charge include:
    • Occupational therapy consultation and assessment
    • Speech and language consultation and assessment
    • Physical therapy Direct one-to-one occupational therapy services
    • Direct one-to-one speech and language services

    Autism Support - Itinerant
    Itinerants provide services and support to students with autism spectrum disorder whose primary assignment is in a regular school with or without district special education services.

    The itinerant provides a liaison service to regular and special education teachers assigned to the student.

  • Program Contact: 
    Katie Corry