• Instruction in the Home/Homebound

    The Instruction in the Home program is a home-based program providing learning experiences in the home for students who have disabilities so severe that they cannot attend a school-based program. Instruction is provided for students ages five through 21. Parents or guardians are fully involved in the educational process.

    The primary goal of the program is to enable the student to maintain optimal function in the areas of cognition, communication and self-help.

    Services as defined in a student's IEP are provided five to 10 hours per week and may include the following:

    • Cognitive development
    • Fine and gross motor skills
    • Self-help skills
    • Social skills
    • Communication skills

    Related consultation services may include:

    • Speech and language therapy
    • Hearing and vision services
    • Psychological assessment
    • Occupational and physical therapy

    Program features:

    • Evaluation by a multidisciplinary team
    • Individualized program plan
    • Coordination of related services


    For more information, please contact:
    Supervisor, Special Education