Chester County Intermediate Unit

Life Skills Support

This Life Skills Support program provides a continuum of services for students, ages five through 21, whose social/behavioral skills are developmentally delayed.  At the lower elementary level, programs focus on self-help and readiness skills; the upper elementary level focuses on the acquisition of academic skills; the middle school level focuses on pre-vocational and practical work skills; and the high school level focuses on community-based vocational programming, independent living and recreational/leisure skills.

The primary goal of this program is to develop each student's cognitive, social, motor, behavioral and vocational potential to increase independent functioning.

Program Features:

• Program supervision and management
Individual assessment and educational planning
Interdisciplinary educational model
Functional school/community experiences
Available sensory materials/equipment Individualized instructional computer applications
Behavior management systems
Special Olympics support (optional)
Transitional programming at the secondary level
Staff development/training
Preparation for independent living

Instruction is provided in the following areas:

Planned courses - functional academics
Daily living skills
Social and behavioral skills
Pre-vocational/vocational/community-based experiences
Inclusionary programming

Health and support services provided in the basic program include:

Psychological assessment
Consultative and transition services (not inclusive of vocational exploration/assessment and job  coaching)

Related services not included in the basic program cost but available at an additional cost include:

Speech and language therapy
Occupational and physical therapy

For more information on the cross district life skills support program, please contact Lisa Tzanakis, 484-237-5212.