• Career Academy

    The typical day for a Career Academy student is split between a half-day in academic classes and a half-day in their pre-vocational shop program.  The academic program offers core subject areas, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Math, designed to meet the learning and educational needs of students. Two long- standing academic teaching teams work collaboratively to assess and instruct students in these subject areas.  Additionally, 11th and 12th grade students have an opportunity to participate in a work experience program. The academic program is a solid yet flexible environment where learning is enhanced by technology and most importantly the teacher/student relationship.

    The Career Academy offers a variety of pre-vocational classroom options,taught by very experienced teachers. Pre-vocational classroom options include culinary, childcare, technology shop, small engine repair, automotive shop, carpentry, horticulture, and exploratory/project shop.

    Placement in these pre-vocational shop programs is driven by shop availability and the age/grade of the student.  Students who are closer to graduation get a preference in their requests over younger students. The Career Academy/Pre-vocational options are described further in this website. All educational decisions continue to be made through the IEP process and the student’s individual needs.

    For more information, contact 610-384-6030.