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6th Annual Car Show fires on all cylinders at TCHS Pickering Campus

Phoenixville, PA – Saturday, October 20 was “car heaven” for the proud car owners, car enthusiasts, local community, students and staff who participated in the Sixth Annual Car Show held at the Technical College High School (TCHS) Pickering Campus. The event combined unique vehicles, food, music and raffles with all proceeds raised going to career and technical student scholarships.

“The car show is a great event that our students get really excited about,” said TCHS Pickering Campus Principal Joseph Fullerton. “They know that it supports the school and their peers and that motivates them to come to campus on a Saturday to help set up, assist the car owners, create exciting raffle items and prepare wonderful food,” he added.  

Two students from the TCHS Criminal Justice Program, Chris Dienno and Gabe Maningas, handled the parking of many antique, custom and classic cars throughout the event. They echoed Principal Fullerton’s excitement, saying, “We’re always happy to help out our school, and we wanted to see all of the different cars too.” TCHS Pickering students’ enthusiasm was evident in every aspect of the Car Show, from directing traffic, donating raffle prizes, providing and serving food, to learning from the car owners and even entering a few of their own cars for display.

The students and staff weren’t the only ones to recognize that the TCHS Car Show is unlike other car shows. Phoenixville local and owner of a 1968 Chevrolet Corvette, Harry McCullough, was drawn to participate because of the opportunity to tour the campus that he used to drive past so often as a school bus driver: “I like to get out, meet people and see the other unique cars, but I also really wanted to display my car today because I like that I can go in and see this beautiful building and I might even see some students I knew when I drove a school bus in this area.”   

As new members of the community, Elie Daniel and his son Gabriel were also thrilled to attend an event where they could become more involved in the area and meet people. “My wife and I just recently moved to Phoenixville, so we’re looking for ways to make connections and become a part of the community – the car show seems like a great way to do that and entertain my son for the day,” said Daniel. The Daniels and other attendees enjoyed walking around the campus, admiring cars such as: a former professional race car, local fire truck, 1965 Mercury Comet Caliente, 1967 Volkswagen Dune Buggy and so many more.

This year’s car show winners were a 1940 Ford Weapons Carrier/owner Behrle, Best in Show; 1968 Shelby GT500/owner Susan Stanley, first place; 1922 Ford Model T/owner Robert Black, second place; and taking third place, the 1940 Ford Weapons Carrier/owner Doug Behrle. Mr. Behrle, the Best in Show winner, had planned to participate in a different car show the same day, but changed his mind when his daughter told him that TCHS Pickering was hosting a car show. “When I found out that TCHS Pickering, a school I live only minutes away from, had a car show that would benefit students, of course I decided to enter. I’m so honored to win Best in Show for a car that’s been in my life, and that I’ve taken care of, since I was a kid.”

The Sixth Annual Car Show at TCHS Pickering Campus was sponsored by the Chester County Technical College High School, the Chester County Intermediate Unit and 3D Auto Body and Collision Centers. To learn more about TCHS Pickering Campus’ programs and events, please visit:


Pictured here is Elie Daniel and his son enjoy the variety of antique, classic and muscle cars at the Sixth Annual TCHS Car Show

Pictured here is Elie Daniel and his son enjoy the variety of antique, classic and muscle cars at the Sixth Annual TCHS Car Show


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