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94 years of public service to Chester County recognized with J. Larry Boling Excellence in Government Award

Bolinger Award Winners Downingtown, PA – “Collectively, I think the three of us have roughly 200 years of experience in business and finance,” joked the Chester County Intermediate Unit’s (CCIU) Director of Administrative Services, Joe Lubitsky. At this year’s 2019 State of the County Breakfast, the Chester County Chamber of Business & Industry chose to honor three dedicated professionals, Lubitsky, Great Valley School District’s (GVSD) Director of Business Affairs Charles Linderman and Downingtown Area School District’s (DASD) Chief Financial Officer Richard Fazio, with the J. Larry Boling Excellence in Government Award. 

The award, established in 1995 in memory of J. Larry Boling, a prominent leader in Chester County government, honors an exemplary public servant who has consistently demonstrated excellence in the administration of government. “I was in awe of Larry. He was a bigger than life figure, and someone who exemplified dedication to local government,” said Fazio. “To be mentioned in the same sentence as Larry Boling is an honor in itself for me, and to receive this award in his name means a great deal.”

While the award recipients’ combined experience does not quite reach 200 years, they do add up to a staggering 94 years of dedicated service to the students, families and community of Chester County. 

Throughout their careers, Fazio, Linderman and Lubitsky have been steadying influences during periods of tremendous growth and opportunity as well as times of economic difficulty and challenge. All three have consistently spear-headed major strategic initiatives, managed large construction projects and successfully developed connections with their counterparts throughout the county to better facilitate communication.

“As I look back on the last 40 years, I’m very proud and grateful to have helped the district to be one of the first in Chester County to achieve a AAA-rated bond, build or renovate all of our buildings, and work with an incredibly loyal, hardworking group of people,” said Linderman. “It is truly an honor to receive this award and to be recognized by Chester County business and industry professionals for the work that my team and I have accomplished.” 

During his 27-year career in school business, 19 of which have been at DASD, Fazio managed the construction of three new schools and refurbishment of the district’s 16 other buildings while successfully handling an annual budget of over 200 million. “I am honored to think that my work, and the work of my colleagues, has played a role in positioning the district and the county to successfully rise to any challenges that they may face in the future,” said Fazio. 

“The role of administrative and business services in our schools and Chester County has grown so much in recent years, and this growth has pushed me to further my knowledge and skills so that I can continue to effectively serve our community,” said Lubitsky.

While Lubitsky, whose career also spans decades, was honored to receive recognition from the Chester County Chamber, he attributed his successes to the teamwork and relationships that he has developed countywide over the last 27 years. “I’ve been fortunate to work with incredibly supportive leaders and peers that have embraced an attitude of continuous improvement and encouraged innovative thinking.” 

“The committee has never given multiple awards before because we typically want to recognize individual achievement. However, this year we felt there was good reason for changing the usual practice,” said the J. Larry Boling Award Committee. “All three of the recipients shared the activity and accomplishment levels expected of an awardee, and, like Larry, they have exceptional financial and administrative responsibilities, which are usually less visible to the public and, yet, are hugely impactful for creating good government.”

Although Fazio and Linderman are retiring this June, they, along with Lubitsky, leave behind an extensive legacy of dedicated service to Chester County schools districts, financial institutions and the entire county.  

Molly Schwemler