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Congratulations to all of our students who placed in the FFA Fall CDEs

On Tuesday, November 13, 19 TCHS Pennock's Bridge students competed in the FFA Fall CDEs held at the Lebanon Fair Grounds. They competed in Aquatics, Dairy Evaluation, Horse Judging, Interview Skills and Milk Quality CDEs. The results are as follows:

Aquatics, 78 students

  • Sydney Shumaker-2nd place in the competition and 1st in the county
  • Joseline Romirez-2nd in the county
  • Alex Lucas-3rd in the county
  • Danna Noquez-4th in the county

Dairy Evaluation, 100 students

  • Fiona Broadway-3rd in the county
  • Skyler Jackson-6th in the county
  • Amber Rapp-14th in the county
  • Taylor Todd-16th in the county

Horse Judging, 127 students

  • Sarah Lazor-8th place in the competition and 2nd in the county
  • Lynn Riden-3rd in the county
  • Hailey Knecht-4th in the county
  • Aubrey Lonsinger-7th in the county
  • Zoe Passarelli-16th in the county
  • Madison Stewart-17th in the county
  • Maria Martinez-20th in the county

Interview Skills, 14 students

  • Amina Lawson-2nd in the county

Milk Quality, 60 students

  • Taylor Baines-9th in the competition and 1st in the county
Congratulations everyone - we are so proud of you!