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The Horizon Hub

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The Horizon Hub is open to big thinkers of all kinds. Here are some groups we
think will thrive in this space for free thinking and creation:

     Educators - Develop and practice STEM activities on your own or with students.
     Meet other instructors and swap ideas with peers - collaborate locally and abroad with
     our advanced conferencing technology.

     Students - Learn and have fun through hands-on exploration. Bring your ideas
     to life in a safe environment without fear of failure.

   Community Organizations - Research and plan new activities. Map out new
     strategies. Make a real impression when you present your ideas in this uniquely
     meeting space.

   Business Professionals - Get new prospectives with a change in scenery
     and the tools you need to investigate new ideas. Set aside time to think proactively
     and brainstorm with your colleagues to bring positive change to your business.