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CCIU PNP Congratulates 10 New Graduates!

Graduate photo Friends and family gathered on August 30, 2016 to congratulate 10 new graduate practical nurses from the Chester County Intermediate Unit Practical Nursing Program.
Dr. Kirk Williard, Chester County Intermediate Unit’s (CCIU) director of Career, Technical and Customized Education programs, gave the first address speaking to the growing need for nurses in the United States.  As baby boomers age, the senior population is projected to grow to 20% of the total population by 2030, jumping to 72 million citizens from today’s 35 million.  This increases the demand for nurses, especially in the rehabilitation, geriatric and hospice fields.
Nancy K. Haughton, MSN RN, presented the graduates including salutatorian Steven Main and valedictorian Mercedes Yaple.  Four of the graduates were recognized with a certificate and pin as members of the National Association of Licensed Practical Nurses Honor Society.  These students achieved a Level average of 85 or above at the completion of Level III of the program.  Recognized were:
Kayla J. Burns
Steven W. Main
Amanda Ruth Story
Mercedes Lynn Yaple
Susan Miller, former instructor for the practical nursing program, was selected by the class as their guest speaker.
Class president, Steven Main, led the class in the Practical Nursing Pledge.  Graduate student nurses promised that they would “endeavor to conserve life, alleviate suffering and promote health,” and to be an “advocate to those in need,” and “practice my vocation as a responsible member of the health care profession.”