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Why BVA?

Why choose the Brandywine Virtual Academy?
There are dozens of cyber-learning opportunities currently available for students in public school districts. BVA is distinguished in a few key ways:
  • BVA students have access to their home school district's services, such as co-curricular activities, athletics, and even guidance services. They remain a member of their school district of residence, so they can participate in activities that are local, social, and enriching.
  • Students take courses taught by Pennsylvania-certified teachers, with standards aligned to Pennsylvania Department of Education standards. Not all national course providers can guarantee this standard.
  • BVA meets the needs of diverse learners. Students can work at their own pace, as long as all of the coursework is completed by the last day of school; they can enter the program at any time during the year; they can take courses from any internet-connected location, so even home- or hospital-bound can continue to learn and graduate on time.
  • Students receive a diploma from their school district of residence.
  • BVA allows students the opportunity to learn outside of the structured school day. With teachers available from 8:00am to 8:00pm Monday through Thursday, students who work better in the afternoon and evening, or who work/train during the day can still find the help they need.
  • Rigorous coursework is offered using online tools that peak students' interest. From games to videos to interactive chats and discussions, we do our best to ensure that students don't spend their day isolated, but connected and engaged.
  • BVA courses are offered at the anchor, college prep, honors and Advanced Placement (AP) levels. If your learner is not quite on grade level in one or more subjects, or if they wish to challenge themselves with advanced activities, we can meet each need in each subject.
  • Students have a dedicated support team. In addition to each subject-area teacher, students have a dedicated Student Support Liaison who assists them with pacing and progress. There is also a Tech Support team to help with computer and internet issues. All of this support is offered in convenient ways: in person, by phone, by email, or in our Virtual Office online.
  • Students can take credit recovery courses if needed. If students have failed a course in the past, they can retake it using a special Credit Recovery version. This course covers all of the content again, but does so in an expedited way so students can finish it quickly and truly recover, staying with their grade level. In some courses, students test out of lessons that they already understand, and skip right to the sections that confused them the first time around.

For these reasons and more, BVA is a special program that puts students' unique needs first. If you have questions about these or any other features of our program, don't hesitate to contact us!