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Online STEM Track

Brandywine Virtual Academy (BVA) is proud to announce the availability of our Online STEM track. By partnering with innovative leaders, BVA is able to provide unique STEM solutions for district partners and 21st-century learning opportunities for students.

Through partnerships with school districts, BVA's Online STEM offering features a cross-curricular, synchronous learning platform aimed at elevating the STEM skill-sets of high school students. Through project-based learning methods, students strengthen their communication, collaboration and critical-thinking skills to innovate and solve real-world problems while gaining insights into future STEM career opportunities; all while remaining in-district.

Students will experience:

  • Cross-curricular - science, technology, engineering and math will be weaved effortlessly through all core subjects
  • Project-based - work in teams to tackle local, national and global challenges
  • Synchronous - connect and collaborate with other students and with teachers, providing a whole new, more personal online learning environment
  • Interactive - utilize provided STEM kits to play, experiment and create

This is not an offering just for the elite but an offering for all students to help them realize their passion and find success!

Want to learn more?

School Districts: Contact Chip Harper, Supervisor of Online Learning at 484-237-5574 or -- or check out our district brochure.

Parents: Is your school district a current BVA partner? If so, contact your district office to learn more. If not, you are welcome to reach out to Chip Harper at the contact information listed above.