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2024 Annual Awards and Staff Recognition Dinner

On May 9, 2024, the Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU) hosted its Annual Awards Celebration, recognizing the

 outstanding contributions of educators, staff, and community members. Over 200 attendees, including CCIU staff and their families, gathered to honor 

the dedication and hard work of the award recipients and extend congratulations to those recognized. The event was catered by students from the Culinary Arts program at the Technical College High School (TCHS) Brandywine Campus.

Two esteemed individuals were inducted into the CCIU Hall of Fame, the highest honor bestowed by the CCIU Board of Directors.

Hall of Fame honorees included:

· Dr. Eileen Weaver

· Dr. Danielle Schoeninger

13 CCIU staff members were presented with Outstanding Service Awards (OSA), acknowledging their exceptional contributions to the organization and the local community.

OSA honorees included:

· Rhonda Bertoncini

· Vanessa Christman

· Laura Davis

· Gretchen Englund

· Jason Lichtfus

· Mia McMillan

· Alvin Miller

· Judi O'Neill

· Colleen O'Brien

· Heather Panik

· Taylor Reeder

· Melissa Salach

· David Tschlachler.

The evening also honored “Years of Service” recipients and CCIU retirees, recognizing their years of service and wishing them well in their future endeavors.

“Years of Service” honorees included:

· Anne Weber, 40 Years of Service

· Regina Ward, 30 Years of Service

· Harriet Law, 30 Years of Service

· Jennifer Bennethum, 25 Years of Service

· Diane Blakely-Ettien, 25 Years of Service

· Tina Borst, 25 Years of Service

· Marisol Brau, 25 Years of Service

· Darren DeFrancesco, 25 Years of Service

· Dawn Dietrich, 25 Years of Service

· Frank Gaines, 25 Years of Service

· Maria Gonzalez Diego, 25 Years of Service

· Stephanie Ide, 25 Years of Service

· Jenise Lemon, 25 Years of Service

· Tom Mable, 25 Years of Service

· Dave Purdy, 25 Years of Service

· Katherine (Katie) Thomas, 25 Years of Service

· Patti Walsh, 25 Years of Service

CCIU retirees included:

· Mary Aiken

· Judy Batchelor

· Teresa Berkman

· Jacqueline Butcher-Jones

· Vicki Canham

· Linda Cardwell

· Patti Ciuffetelli

· Mark Cottom

· Mary Curley

· Constance Devlin

· Dawn Dietrich

· John Dowling

· Tonia Farnum

· Joan Farwell

· Jody Fleck

· Lewis Gordner

· Dianna Hatton

· Pam Hicks

· Mary Beth Hiddleson

· Carol Ivone

· Patricia Ivory

· Nancy Jennings

· Carol Jolly

· Diana Kowalski

· Kathleen Kubala

· Rebecca Lewis

· Sue Lombardi

· Bernadette Lynch

· Michelle MacLuckie

· Laurie Masino

· Catherine McCarthy

· Frank McKnight

· Theresa Mitchell

· Kim Outten

· Michelle McCall-Pernisi

· Sherry Sandt

· Gary Schmaltz

· Laurie Scrivens

· Deb Silveri Hiller

· Mary (Vicki) Stauffer

· Brenda Tracy

· Diane Thomson

· Kimberly Travis-Crossman

· Patti Walsh

· Anne Weber

· Mary Whiteman

· Margaret Williams

· Karen Wright

The Annie Sullivan Award, named after Helen Keller's devoted teacher and mentor, was presented to Alisha Treadwell, an instructional assistant.

The CCIU Annual Awards Celebration highlights the exceptional work being done by educators and staff throughout the region, reaffirming the vital role educators play in shaping young minds and building a brighter future for Chester County. Congratulations to all honorees!