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Frontline Single Sign-On

To assist you in quickly and easily completing your part of the transition process, we recommend reviewing the instructions and materials in the HR SharePoint folder Frontline SSO Materials or simply watching the instructional video on the CCIU’s YouTube channel. 

To begin setting up your Frontline SSO as a CCIU employee with a CCIU email address, follow the steps below: 

  • Step One: Either type into any browser or click the hyperlinked text now. Wait 15 seconds to be redirected to the main Frontline login page or click the link to the Frontline Login Page.  
  • Step Two: Once there, click “Sign In with Organization SSO.”  
  • Step Three: Enter your CCIU email address. You will either be automatically redirected, or you may need to click the “Look up organization sign in page button to move forward.  
  • Steps Four and Five: Sign in again as you would to your Outlook email account using the same email and password you use to sign into your email. 
  • Steps Six and Seven: On the Frontline application landing page view the systems you have access to, such as Absence Management, Frontline Central, Professional Growth and/or Recruiting & Hiring, select the system you would like to accessBy using the drop-down box in the upper left corner of the system you selected, you can test out switching between the different Frontline systems without logging in and out. 
  • Step Eight: You have completed the Frontline SSO setup. Moving forward, you should now use the “Sign In with Organization SSO” option.  
These instructions and accompanying visuals are also available as a step-by-step guide in the CCIU’s Frontline SSO Launch Instructional Video. 

Once your SSO has been set up, you will sign in using the “Sign In with Organization SSO” link on the Frontline landing page of the following four systems (if you have access to them): 

  • Absence Management (vacation, sick, personal days, etc.) 

  • Frontline Central (employee forms and information, etc.) 

  • Professional Growth (preapproval for tuition reimbursement and conferences) 

  • Recruiting & Hiring (application tracking, applicant communication, etc.) 

Your CCIU email address and the same password you use to sign into your email will now be the only Frontline sign-in details you need to remember. Once logged in, you can seamlessly switch between programs without needing to log out and log back in. 

Important details regarding Frontline SSO as a CCIU employee without a CCIU email address: If you do not have a CCIU email address, you will go to the sign-in page you’ve used in the past to access a specific Frontline solution and sign in using your existing login credentials. While doing that, you may be prompted to create a new username and password. If you do not receive a new username and password prompt, you will keep the username and password you already have. You should continue to use your existing login moving forward.   

Questions? Contact: If you are not sure what your CCIU Outlook email password is, please create a CCIU Web Help Desk at and a CCIU IT tech will help you reset your password. ALL other questions or concerns about the transition process or any of the Frontline systems should be directed to Human Resources at 

Remember, you can continue to use the toll-free phone line, 1-800-942-3767, to report absences. Just use your phone number and 4-digit numeric pin to call into that system as you have in the past.