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Team CCIU: Navigating Together

Respecting the differences of others is what makes us a better and stronger society, one that our children can thrive in and be proud of now and in the future. Holding others and ourselves accountable for our actions ensures the safety and security of us all. 

The death of George Floyd is a stark reminder that we still have a long way to go in achieving racial equality in our country. Based on our individual and collective experiences, we will view the outcome of the trial for his murder differently. As a result, we will react differently to the verdict. Some will see it as justice has prevailed, others will see it as the first step in the long journey to accountability.  

At the CCIU, it serves as a time to reaffirm our commitment to supporting and advancing equity; to remain unwavering in our commitment to identify and change an existing culture of inequity by providing opportunities and removing barriers for people of color and all of those in marginalized communities. 

The CCIU’s work to include voices of multiple perspectives within our schools can provide opportunities for acknowledging the impact of events and in providing support in moving forward. Should conversations arise in our classrooms, our schools and our homes regarding the trial verdict, it provides the opportunity to listen, to reflect and to respond with compassion and understanding. 

Let's use this moment to pay extra close attention to not only our students but also to ourselves, our colleagues, family and friends who may need some extra care and attention at this time.