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Technical College High School (TCHS) Pickering Campus Hosts Student Career & Training Fair

Phoenixville, PA – On Wednesday, February 15, TCHS Pickering held the 2023 Career and Training Fair, which gave high school seniors the chance to speak with more than 40 employer representatives and industry partners. The career training fair allows students to meet one-on-one with potential employers and walk away with the prospect of further interviews or even secured employment opportunities. 

Students brought a scoring sheet to each interview, which employers used to provide feedback on their strengths and areas needing improvement. Students also provided a detailed resume of their work experience, certifications and employable technical skills to share with employer representatives.  

An important feature of the Career & Training Fair, and a key aspect of the students’ preparation for the event, was the “Shop our Closet” program. This program provides professional attire to students who might otherwise not have access to it. Students were permitted to keep their outfits to ensure that they will have professional attire once they graduate from TCHS. 

Ali Curatolo, a student in the Automotive Service program at TCHS Pickering, attended the event. “It’s good to get the experience of what it’s like to be interviewed,” Curatolo said. “It might be important to do this for other students besides the seniors; it might be important to juniors because it’s good to get the experience.” 

The TCHS Pickering community organized this event to help ease the anxieties of interviewing and job searching for students. By providing students with the opportunity to interview with company representatives, even if they do not walk away with job offers or plans for future interviews, they retain valuable experience to help them hone their interviewing skills. 

Myley Moyer, a nursing instructor at Genesis Health, attended the event to speak with students. “Events like this are important for us because we can get our name out in the community and people realize that we’re there and we have the opportunities available,” said Moyer. When Moyer comes to events like this, she’s looking for students with a strong work ethic. “I want someone who will come to work and do their job. It’s hard work and you don’t realize it until you actually do it,” she said. Moyer’s company offers entry level positions and assists employees with acquiring the necessary certifications to work in the nursing field.