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Brandywine Virtual Academy Elementary Teacher Invited to Attend Keystones Technology Innovator Summit

Each school year, every principal in the Commonwealth has the privilege of nominating one of their exemplary teachers to join the PA Association for Educational Communications and Technology (PAECT) Keystones Technology Innovators (KTI) Program.
On January 31, 2023, Taylor Mackowsky received a notification that she was nominated to join the KTI community. The Keystones Technology Innovators Program invites outstanding educators into their community of advocates to collaborate and discuss best practices, strategies, lesson plans and additional resources to foster creativity and innovation in their classrooms.
“It’s one thing when a principal recognizes how their staff are utilizing technology, but it’s another to see other colleagues acknowledging and collaborating with this teacher to better improve their own learning styles. That teacher is Taylor,” said Mr. Chip Harper, Brandywine Virtual Academy's supervisor of online learning for elementary education.
“I often see Taylor working with colleagues to incorporate other ways of utilizing technology within their instruction. She is so passionate about her work, and is always willing to share what she is learning with her colleagues. And for those reasons, it was my honor to nominate Taylor for the KTI program,” concluded Harper.
Each year, members of the KTI community are asked to submit an application for the KTI Summit. Through a rigorous selection process, PAECT regional teams carefully select 100 KTI members to attend a week-long summit in the summer.
On March 26, 2023, Mackowsky was one of 100 KTI teachers in our region to be recognized as a Keystone STARS (State Technology Advocates Redefining Schools) member. To celebrate being recognized as a Keystone STARS member, Mackowsky was formally invited to attend the KTI Summit at Shippensburg University on July 24-28.
When asked how it felt to be nominated for the KTI program, Mackowsky said, “When I read the email, I felt honored that I was recognized for my hard work and creativity. I was eager to share the news about my nomination with colleagues and immediately started filling out the application. I received the acceptance email on March 26 and I accepted the invitation.”
“I am excited to share my knowledge of technology and engagement strategies with other teachers and cannot wait to share what I learn with my colleagues,” continued Mackowsky.
KTI members who were selected to attend the summit will participate in a variety of activities including keynote speaker presentations, panel discussions, hands-on workshops, collaboration and networking experiences.