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The CCIU’s E3 Re-entry Program Holds Graduation Ceremony for First Cohort

The Chester County Intermediate Unit’s (CCIU) E3 Re-entry Program (exit, enter, employ) recently completed its first cohort and held a graduation ceremony at the Coatesville Public Library, where friends and families gathered together to celebrate the graduates.  

The E3 Re-entry Program is a free 12-week program that provides individuals who are exiting the justice system with a direct pathway to enter the manufacturing industry. The program consists of three primary courses – manufacturing, thinking for a change and business readiness – and provides training in the areas of job readiness, social skills, positive self-change and problem-solving. Upon completion of the program, students participate in a job fair, where they meet and interview with potential employers who are searching for the exact skills and training these students have acquired. 

“I really enjoyed the math portion of this program and it’s something I’ve become interested in pursuing,” said Adam Mains, a graduate from the program’s first cohort. He added, “This program helped me to boost my confidence and feel prepared to speak to potential employers. It’s been a great opportunity and made me realize that there are people out there who want to help you.” 

Michelle Doll, another E3 graduate, echoed Mains thoughts. “The teachers in this program were outstanding! They always demonstrated patience, love and thoroughness. I’ve noticed a huge change in myself in terms of cognitive thinking. This program gave us a chance for a brighter future, and I’m so proud of this township and county for offering this program. I’m proud to be a citizen and I’m especially grateful to my probation officer who brought this program to my attention. All of our probation officers truly want to help us make a change.” 

Each graduate of the E3 Re-entry Program demonstrated a commitment to working hard and making a positive change. "Our class participants exhibited dedication, perseverance and enthusiasm for the class to make it through the 12-week program. We retained 100% participation throughout the course of the program and the attention remained constant. We are so excited for these amazing graduates and look forward to what the future holds for them,” said Jill Stoltzfus, E3 Re-entry Program coordinator. 

The CCIU’s E3 Re-entry Program is committed to providing its students with the tools and resources they need to succeed in their future careers. For upcoming program cohorts, the CCIU will work with the county justice system and community organizations for referrals. For more information about the E3 Re-entry Program, please contact Jill Stoltzfus at