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Join Us on The Journey: A Career at CCIU with Dr. Nure

When you apply for a new job, wouldn’t it be nice to know who you’re working for? Meet Dr. Adil Nure, Supervisor of Psychological Services & Sensory Support Programs.

Dr. Nure embarked on his professional journey at the Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU) as a School Psychologist immediately after completing graduate school with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. He then furthered his career at the Lower Merion School District, where he initially served as a School Psychologist before advancing to the role of Supervisor of Student Services & Gifted Education. Fast-forward to the present, Dr. Nure has returned to the CCIU, now holding the position of Supervisor of Psychological Services & Sensory Support Programs.

Drawing on his firsthand experience as a School Psychologist, Dr. Nure brings a seasoned perspective to his leadership role. His mission? To cultivate the most innovative and skilled team of School Psychologists possible.

“I am fortunate to work with an exceptional group of educators who are committed to supporting students, families and the Chester County community. Through collaboration, compassion and creative problem-solving, we are capable of supporting the wide range of needs that students and families face,” said Dr. Nure. 

Why Choose CCIU?

When you apply for one of the open School Psychologist positions at #TeamCCIU, you’ll be working with dedicated and experienced team members like Dr. Nure. 

Dr. Nure’s journey from School Psychologist to leader is just one example of the exciting paths that await you here. Whether you're starting your career or looking to take the next step, the CCIU provides the platform for you to make a meaningful impact and shape the future. With benefits ranging from tuition reimbursement to comprehensive medical and retirement plans, the CCIU is committed to ensuring team members feel valued and supported.

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