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TCHS Schools Deepen Restorative Practices

The Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU) is pleased to announce the continued success of its Restorative Practices initiative in the 2023-24 school year across the Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU) Technical College High Schools (TCHS).
Restorative Practitioner and IES Educational Consultant, Rachel Kutney, has provided ongoing support to TCHS schools throughout the year. Kutney has emphasized the importance of building positive relationships between students, staff, and families. Teachers have had numerous opportunities to engage with all aspects of the Restorative Practices continuum, including professional development, in-class demonstrations, and restorative dialogue sessions.
The project expanded beyond the classroom, as instructional coaches from CCIU's human resources division learned Restorative Practice circles and assisted with modeling days for teachers. Teachers were empowered to cultivate a culture of dialogue, understanding, and mutual respect within their classrooms, tailoring the supports to the unique needs of their students.
Restorative Practices have helped strengthen relationships within the TCHS school community. Kutney stated, “This work is an absolute gift. I am so honored to come alongside students and staff to build relationships and embrace restorative approaches. The culture of relationship, respect, and accountability has always been at the core of our TCHS schools. Restorative Practices gives those inherent values an explicit framework for success." When conflicts arose, teachers were prepared with restorative questions to get their classrooms back on track and focused on learning. Kutney facilitated some of the more challenging conversations, but the emphasis remained on proactive, positive relationship building.
The IES division also participated in a restorative circle discussion on dignity, providing an opportunity for students and adults to listen to each other and build connections. Savannah Perry, a TCHS junior in the animal science program remarked "I feel like at TCHS I'm part of a community that values each student on an individual level. I feel seen and supported."
For more information on implementing Restorative Practices in your school community, please contact Rachel Kutney at or 484-237-5335.