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TCHS Success Story: Dulce Juarez

Learning styles among different people vary, with some students preferring a hands-on approach to education over traditional models. For these students, the Chester County Technical College High School (TCHS) may provide just the right path to make education both exciting and accessible. This was the case for Dulce Juarez, a recent graduate of West Chester University and an alumni of TCHS Brandywine Campus.

Dulce, a member of the West Chester East High School Class of 2017, began attending TCHS during her sophomore year. Her prevailing impression of the school at the time was that it had an emphasis on practical experience in fields like transportation, engineering, construction and agriculture. When she first started exploring her options, she considered joining the Cosmetology program, which is part of the Health and Human Services Pathway. However, after discovering she had a stronger interest in learning about business, she decided to enroll in the Marketing and Financial Services program. The balance of taking her academic courses at West Chester East and then pursuing her passion for entrepreneurship in her Marketing and Financial Services program made TCHS the perfect fit for Dulce!

TCHS allowed Dulce to learn more about her passion for entrepreneurship, get a head start on building a professional network for the future and gain real-world experiences, all while in high school. This, she believes, helped prepare her for life after high school. Following her graduation from TCHS and West Chester East High School, she attended West Chester University to continue her education as a Business Management major with a minor in Spanish. In addition to pursuing her dream career at West Chester University, Dulce also demonstrated her incredible talents by graduating a semester early with honors from the university.

Dulce, who in her own words “used to be the shyest person,” was able to step out of her comfort zone thanks to her time at TCHS. Learning public speaking and personal skills through teachers’ experiences and practical applications proved to be beneficial, as that formerly shy person is now a licensed benefits advisor in both Pennsylvania and Delaware. In this field, she is able to talk to and meet new people each day. Dulce’s experience at TCHS gave her the opportunity to acquire lifelong work skills that she utilizes in her career every day.

To prospective students of TCHS, Dulce encourages them to go for it. In her own experience, the school provides many opportunities for all students that might be otherwise unavailable. From after-school events to co-op internships, TCHS has programs designed to get students more involved with their studies. She also suggests that TCHS can be a good option for students who do not know what their future career holds. There are counselors who can assist students with choosing a pathway that works for their skills and their interests. Even if a student ends up feeling like they have not yet found the right fit, the counselors will help until they find what works best for that individual student.

TCHS is very proud of Dulce and all TCHS alumni who have gone on to be successful in the workforce, completed post-secondary education or have joined the military. It’s students like Dulce who demonstrate the value that a career and technical education can provide to students, the workforce and the larger community. Congratulations Dulce on your on-going and future success!