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TCHS Proud Moment: Aiden Huntoon

At TCHS Brandywine we are always proud of all that our students achieve and even more so, the young people they become, and this month we would like to highlight a special recent graduate, Aiden Huntoon! 

Aiden began his TCHS journey following a tour of the TCHS Brandywine facilities in his sophomore year of high school. He decided to pursue an interest in Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) skill-building and careers in September of his junior year under the direction of our instructor, Glenn Kerstetter.

Aiden at Paramount Aiden consistently showed tremendous dedication and pride in his courses, internships, jobs and co-op at Paramount Plumbing and Heating, never failing to make the most of every opportunity! Upon graduating from TCHS and Downingtown East, Aiden was offered a full-time position at Paramount and has been loving life ever since. 

His instructors still remark on how extremely dependable and willing to adapt to different work environments Aiden is and how well he represents what TCHS students, and high school students in general, are capable of. 

We are so incredibly proud of you, Aiden, and know you will continue to accomplish anything you set your mind to! 

We would also like to share a few words from Aiden's parents, Joanne and Brian Huntoon below: 

"A paragraph or two or even three can not begin to scratch the service on the positive impact TCHS has had on Aiden and our family.Aiden at Paramount

I would like to take a moment of your time to say THANK YOU TCHS. Thank you for guiding my son Aiden on to a path that he has pride in. As you know high school can be a confusing, exciting and challenging time for all of us, especially with the many pressures students face. 

When Aiden came home from school one day telling us about a presentation that was given by TCHS and that he would like to take a tour, we were so excited to see the excitement in his eyes. The daily routine of school for 7 hours a day was not something that was keeping Aiden intrigued and we were already aware of this.

Once Aiden took the tour of TCHS and was very impressed by the school and the teachers, he asked us if he could start HVAC classes at TCHS in September of his junior year. We knew this would be a positive move for him and cheered him on! Aiden had some struggles in various areas of his teenage day-to-day, and after a few months of seeing the benefits of being in an environment that he can truly thrive and want to learn, things turned around for him.

Aiden GraduationA big part of this was due to the teaching of Glenn Kerstetter. In January of his junior year, he applied for a summer internship and started that May. We reached out to Mr. Kerstetter and asked if he would surprise Aiden at Lowes one morning prior to him starting his job to help him purchase the proper tools, I will never forget the fact that he put his own time aside and met with us! He took Aiden around Lowe’s and loaded him up with all that he needed to start…priceless. This is the caliber of individuals you will encounter at TCHS. I can only hope the stellar reputation of TCHS will reach more parents and students now and in the years to come.

*Photos taken prior to masking guidance for this school year.