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Commercial Art & Design Media

Have you ever wanted to be a social media content creator? Want to be able to produce your own music? Have you ever wanted to use your creativity and interest in technology to start your own business? If so, the new TCHS Commercial Art & Design Media program is the perfect fit for you! Starting in August 2021, this program will launch at Oxford High School and is open to all students in southern Chester County.  

Commercial Art & Design Media is a program that helps students acquire the skills necessary to be able to become an art director, computer programmer, entrepreneur, graphic designer, social media content creator and web developer. Students can choose to enter the workforce right after completing their education at TCHS as entrepreneurs or pursue post-secondary opportunities and earn an average salary of $58,830 right out of college. 

Are you a student who is interested in applying for this new program? Begin the application process today and take the first step towards your new career!