Vaccine Update

Dear CCIU Families and Staff, 

Thank you for all of your hard work as we kicked off this school year in a positive way in all of our schools and programs! With this being the third straight unique school year, it has been wonderful seeing everyone working together to make sure that our students are supported through these challenging times. I especially want to thank our families for being such great partners in education for their children. With three young children of my own, I know firsthand the demands that are put on families, and we greatly appreciate your support!  

With the recent news of the FDA’s approval of COVID-19 vaccines for children ages 5-11 years old, I wanted to provide you with some guidance on what to expect in the coming weeks. In meeting weekly with our county superintendents and the Chester County Health Department (CCHD), as well as frequent consultation with the Pennsylvania Departments of Health and Education, it appears that many school districts as well as pediatricians and the CCHD will be hosting clinics. The CCIU is not planning on holding any COVID-19 vaccination clinics at this time due to the wide-spread availability 

To that end, I encourage everyone to seek out information regarding the vaccine for their children ages 5 and older from their pediatrician, family health care provider, or the CCHD. I respect that this is a personal choice for each family, and the CCIU will not be requiring vaccines for students unless mandated to do so by the state, county, federal government, or other governing body 

Nowwith all school-aged children approved to receive the Pfizer vaccine, and the approval of boosters for all adults who received the J&J vaccine, educators who received Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, and all adults aged 65 and over, I believe that the second half of this school year shows great promise.  

Thank you again for your continued efforts, support and dedication as we have navigated the challenges continually thrown our way. I am so grateful that we have walked through this together and I look forward to a brighter future. We have much to look forward to! 



Dr. George F. Fiore 

Executive Director