Join Us in Celebrating STEAM Education During Remake Learning Days in Southeastern, PA!

Posted by Demetrius Roberts, Director of STEM & Ivana Ivanovic, Communications Specialist on 4/27/2022 12:40:00 PM

As part of the Chester County Intermediate Unit’s (CCIU) regional efforts to grow STEM learning through the Pennsylvania STEM   for Equity and Diversity (PA SEED), we need your help in launching Remake Learning Days (RMLDs) 2022 in Southeastern PA. RMLDs is a multi-day festival celebration in which community organizations host engaging learning opportunities for community stakeholders, families, students, and educators. The festival’s purpose is to increase community engagement and awareness of the educational shift toward inquiry and project-based experiential learning.

The festival is built on the premise that engaging real-world learning can happen anywhere and that it takes a village to provide our learners with a variety of meaningful experiences. Despite an extensive list of partners and programs for this year’s RMLDs celebration, there is still work to be done! PA SEED is partnering with the Remake Learning Network to support and grow RMLDs in Southeastern PA for the fourth consecutive year. In addition to partnering with Remake Learning, PA SEED has established additional partnerships with the Philadelphia STEM Ecosystem and the Berks STEM Connection to grow and expand RMLDs.

Many students in Southeastern PA do not have access to innovative learning opportunities that engage, excite and prepare them for 21st-century workforce skills. Some educators are still isolated in their classrooms and unaware of the STEAM professional learning opportunities available to them and their students throughout the region. Some parents still don’t understand the importance of finding quality STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math), STEM and hands-on learning opportunities for their children.

How to Get Involved

Along with the Remake Learning Network, we recommend the following action steps to create demand and ensure remarkable learning experiences for all children during this year’s festival:

  1. Educators If you are an educator, innovator and/or civic leader in this region, we hope you join the movement to remake learning. Explore our calendar or opportunities hosted by a variety of organizations in the region. We also recommend that you write, tweet, post and share Remake Learning opportunities with your network.
  2. Parents and Caregivers If you are a parent or caregiver, advocate for future-facing, hands-on, engaging learning opportunities. Talk to your schools, libraries, community centers and anywhere where your student learns. Find events near you during Remake Learning Days, and continue to participate in them throughout the year. Discover online resources or out-of-school learning you can provide for your child at each RMLD event in Southeastern PA. You are an essential part of this movement to remake learning!
  3. STEAM Learning Advocates Finally, if you are outside of the Southeastern PA region, check out the website to see RMLD events near you. This year RMLDs have spread across the entire commonwealth of PA and in several other states across the county. Join us for events and explore, tinker, play and experience the future of anywhere, anytime learning in action.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this blog and considering joining us to celebrate STEAM education! For information about Remake Learning Days festival in Southeastern PA and beyond, please visit