TCHS Pickering Post: September Edition

Posted by Molly Schwemler on 9/6/2021 10:00:00 AM

Principal’s Corner:
Welcome to TCHS Pickering!

Erin Petters and Dr. FioreThe start of school is always one that brings mixed emotions. The weather turns a bit colder, the days get a bit shorter, and of course, the freedom of summer slowly eclipses into days of schedules, things to do and places to be. However, I have found that instead of looking at the negative side of these changes, there are things that I can embrace and celebrate instead. David D. Burns wrote, “To change the way you feel, change the way you think.” So, I have decided that in lieu of missing the past days of summer, I will focus on the absolute joy of coming back to school and working with your student(s). I get to enjoy the company of incredible teachers, meet new staff and do a job that is a dream come true - what a wonderful future I have!

This year we welcome a few new faces to the TCHS Pickering staff (noted below) and are overjoyed at the ability to work together with your child to further the Pickering community we have established. Our teachers have already been hard at work developing an even more consistent and equitable Schoolwide Positive Behavior Intervention and Support program, exciting new learning opportunities and experiences through Dual Enrollment, the career and technical student organizations we host and the many clubs and committees we have available for your student(s).

We are so excited to share all the great things we have here at TCHS Pickering with our students and families. While going to school may not have the same draw as going to the beach, remember that as in all things, it’s just a matter of how we think about it. We may not have sand and seashells, but we do have a building full of teachers and staff who are ecstatic to welcome you and your student back with open arms!

With great enthusiasm,

Erin Petters Principal TCHS Pickering

A Warm Welcome!
Clara Morgan – School Counselor

At TCHS Pickering, we are thrilled to meet all of our new students and welcome back our returning students. As we enter the 2021-22 school year, we bring with us the resilience that we gained from last year and look forward to all that this new year will teach us – how we will all continue to grow and learn. Transitions are always a bit tricky, whether it is beginning something new such as a brand-new school, starting a new program or returning back.

It takes time to adjust, and the best way to do so is by taking small steps. Think about what your next step is and start there. And remember that we are here for you, so let us know how we can be there for you this year. We are so excited to enter another school year at TCHS Pickering, and we are excited to be there for you!

Words of Wisdom for New Students
By Gia McCormick, 2021 Senior Student of the Year

TCHS gave me the opportunity to try new things to see what fits me the best. I was enrolled in the Health Career Pathways program and while I was there, I learned CPR/AED, bedside care, basic nutrition and hand hygiene, all of which will help me become a future nurse! At first when I started, I was nervous because it was a new school and I had to make new friends. But after my first day, I made new friends and the teachers were so genuine to everyone. It felt like I’ve been coming here for a very long time. I am very thankful I came to TCHS because I have learned what I need to become a nurse.

I am starting college, and I have some college credits and scholarships that I earned at TCHS. Based on my experience, I put together some tips for new students starting:

  • It can seem overwhelming to make the transition, but the school has a
    welcoming and family-like community. You’ll feel at home in no time!
  • Not everything will come to you right away. Skills take time to develop and your
    program will do all they can to ensure you get the skills you need.
  • Face every challenge head on and it’ll yield great results. Remember what you’re working towards — a career in the future! 

TCHS Pickering Students are R.E.A.L.

What is PBIS? PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Strategies. TCHS Pickering has a positive behavior rewards program that is implemented schoolwide. There are a variety of ways for a student to be recognized for following TCHS Pickering’s core values. TCHS Pickering encourages students to be R.E.A.L.- Respectful, Excellent, Accountable, Leaders. The core purpose of the REAL PBIS program is to empower students to have a voice through positive guidance to promote desired behaviors, good decisions and meaningful relationships based on schoolwide expectations. PBIS creates a consistent positive school community. Students can get a sense of being independent through self-accountability. Please feel free to ask a staff member about REAL and talk to your student about how they were REAL in school today!

Local Advisory Committee - Be A Part of Our Community!

We are always looking for ways to strengthen the connection between our career and technical education (CTE) programs and local business and industry partners! If you are an employee or employer in an occupation that is related to one of our CTE programs, we would love for you to join our Local Advisory Committee (LAC). The primary goals for our LAC are to provide overall direction for the CTE programs and advise on a whole host of activities and issues involving CTE programs, including advice on program offerings and support services. There are several creative activities to mobilize these goals and we are looking for individuals who are excited about working to create even more opportunities and awareness of TCHS Pickering! If interested, please contact Erin Petters at

Upcoming Dates:

  • 9/3-9/6: School closed – Labor Day weekend
  • 9/27: No school – Teacher Inservice Day
  • 10/2: TCHS Pickering’s Car and Craft Show!
  • 10/19: Chester County College Fair